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April 2DW 
Volume 75 




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Time to get Updated! 


Don't he caught 
without tte latest 
code information. 
Your next customer 
may need a key for 
their 2004 vehicle. 
contains millions of 
codes, plus detailed 
information on 
key think cross 
references, depth 
and space 
and key cutting, 
JRp?r even more 
features* upgrade to 
Cade&ource' Hits. 
Print code cards, 
use the e.xptinded 
billing search secure 
your customers \iith 
our unique customer 
registration, phu the 
Interactive Car 
Opening Authority* 
is included. Make 
certain you are 


KeyChoice® MasterKing 


Your customer needs 
a neiv key for their 

file cabinet. What 
blank do you usei 
Know all the 
alternatives available 
with the new 
KeyChoke* update 
KeyGhaktf proirides 
thousands of key 
blank cross references 
from the most 
popular izey blank 
including Hco, 
Curtis, andSika 
i he extensive 
database includes 
code card numbers, 
I >SD numbers, and 
hook numbers. It is 
fully ntstomizabh; 
add, deleie r rdii 
data, and arrange 
the screen layout to 
your preference, 

Tfte neur MasterKing'' 
update contains an 
expanded list of lock 
enhancetl reports, 
and opiionat 
password protection. 
Create krger sysieiw 
utilizing sectiona} 
projects and 
progressive keyu^ap 
from lock 
such as Assti, 
C#rbitt*Russurin t 
Sargent, and 
Schlage Make 
efficient use of 
lime and ai^oid 
transposed or 
duplicated numbers. 



T if tt4#;. -: 1 


Depth & Spacing 


there are hundreds 
of different locks, 
and new ones being, 
introtiucetl every 
year. You need to 
lie able to au key* 
for any lock your 
customer needs. 
With the 2004 
uptlate of the ilepth 
& Spacing Guide 
you Kill tutve insuint 
access to detailed 
information* such as 
the manufacturers 1 
depth and space 
measurements in 
inches and metric, 
applicable key Manks 
and code series, and 
anting information 
for I IPCs code 


Car Opening 


The 2004 models 
are on the streets, 
know hour ;$ open 
everyone of them 
with the Interactive 
Car Opening 
Opening techniques 
for tire last 15 years 
(including 2004) 
of ever) 1 car, I ruck, 
and SUV on the 
roud with a )eu* 
clicks of )vur mouse. 
The proven J t 
methods of car 
opening are fast, 
efficient, and 
effective. Be ready 
for any lockout ]vu 
are called to open! 


3099 N. 25lh Aveiiut 
Schiller Ptark, 11,60176 1 SA 
111: KJ7.b7l.A2WI 
Faa; S47.67 1,6343 
m ww.lipfrwurlcf.cujTi 

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On The Cover. 


Locksmith (m 





A- 1 




There are some great new tools currently 
available, and STRATTEC, Kaba llco, HPC, 
Major Manufacturing, Titan Tool Supply, and 
Sieveking Products are just a few to choose. 

Publisher Marc Goldberg 

Editor Greg Mango 

Art Director Jim Darow 

Technical Editor Jake Jakubuwski 

Senior Writers 

Sal Dulcamaro CML, Michael Hyde, 

Dale Libby CMS, Dave McOmie, Sara Probasco, 

Robert Sieveking 

Contributing Writers 

John Blankenship, Tony Blass, 
Ron & Chris Curry, Mark Daniel, 
Richard Allen Dickey, Ken Holmlund, 
Tom Lynch, Tom Mazzone, Randy Mize, 
Tom Seroogy, Steve Young 

Director of Sales & Marketing 

Jeff Adair 

Advertising Account Manager. 

Debbie Schertzing 

Accounting Manager 

Sheila Campo 

Production Assistants 

Dave Krofel, Joseph Bonus 

Administrative Assistants 

LaVerne Schertzing, Sean Selby, Chandra Smith 

Shipping Manager 

Allan Galvez 

National Publishing Company 

The National Locksmith® ISSN #0364-3719 is published 
monthly by the National Publishing Co., 1533 Burgundy 
Parkway, Streamwood, Illinois 60107-1861. Periodicals postage 
paid at Bartlett, Illinois 60107 and additional mailing offices 
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per year in Canada; $72.00 in all other countries. Single copies 
$7.00 each. Postmaster, please send change of address to 
National Publishing Co., 1533 Burgundy Parkway, 
Streamwood, Illinois 60107-1861. 
©2004 by the National Publishing Company. 
All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. 

» ff^ RPA ^^^% 

wl mj O in #rt£MBE?^ 


(630) 837-2044 • Fax: (630) 837-1210 


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The National Locksmiths 


April 2004 • Vol. 75, No. 4 


Automotive Locksmith 

STRATTEC's New XL - Xtended Line. 

Locksmith Tools 

New widgets, gadgets and 
tantalizing tools. 

B H 


installing DORMA's DE9000 
Delayed Egress Exit Device 

You don't need a degree in electrical 
engineering to install it. 

," JfUJ 


2003 Toyota Corolla, 

Part 2 u 

There is no transponder system on this car. 


The Schlage CM5100 Lockset 

A versatility and programming 


Refrigerator Security 

Thinking outside of the ice box. 



PRO-LOK Car Opening 

2003 Nissan Altima, 2003 Oldsmobile 
Bravada, and 2003 Cadillac El Dorado 



M osier Fire Safe 

Face-to-face with a monster I haven't 
seen before. 

Literature & Brochures 

Free for the asking, manufacturer and 
distributor product info is a must have. 



2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 
1500 Classic 

There are no codes anywhere. 

5 Commentary 

6 Mango's Message 

8 Letters 

70 Beginner's Corner 


74 The Lighter Side 

82 Technitips 

92 Business Briefs 

118 Test Drive 

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Opens & lochs from both sides 
Key-alike convenience (6-pin) 
Can be master-keyed 
Fits metal, wood & vinyl gates 
Lifetime Warranty (limited) 


opens and locks from boh sides! 


Lokk*Lolch ,? PRO is ihe most sophisticated privacy and security gate latch 

ever devised. It is the latch locksmiths and security businesses have been wailing for! 

This quality, two-part lakh can be operated and hxked from either side of 
the gate! It is uniquely tonsl rutted la work effectively in balb residen- 
tial and commercial gale applications. The iV ExIernnl 
Push- Button Access" component of the latch fits to 
the oulside (i.e. street side) of the gale post to 
provide convenient key-lockahle access. 

It uses a slandard 6-pin "key-rn-knob" lock 
cylinder This cylinder can be keyed-alike, 
mai son- keyed, master- keyed or replaced 
with high -security cylinder systems 
such as Abloy Assa, Kaba, Medeco, 
MuLRock or Schlage Primus,, , to name a few. 



Storefront, door, & storage 
security never looked this good 

Single-Hinge model 

Forte HaspUcks (3 models) are designed for all types 
of store fro nl, door, gate and storage locking, either as 
add-on security for existing locks or as primary locks. 

Forle PullBolts also use a standard 
6-pin 'key-in knob'slyle lock 
cylinder which can be keyed alike, 
master-keyed, moison-keyed or 
replaced with high security systems 
such as Ah ley Assa r Kaba r Medeco. 
Mul-I-Lock r Schlage Primus... 

'Binjed" n\M M miding ma-ihine Toolboxes & storage 

dtd tecfiFVEjlDQiES 

Safety, Privacy & Security 

DtD Tdinafogiu|U5A] Inc., 7/31 Woodwind Drive-, Huntington Beach CA 9M*7 
Tel: (800) 7140888 foj[;(IOO]4M-640D E-mDil:{|a1ewDre@ifdle[huu.aini Wet: www.ddlHhua.ccm c 
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lllllliillllliiillllliilllllii t»l IKii t Il1liii»l11iii»ll1 til tlllt t ifillM l 

Lets Be Careful Out There, 
and Check ID 



rhis is one of those 
stories we wish we 
would never have 
occasion to report. Sixty 
seven year old 
Locksmith Joseph Fette 
of Lawrenceville, PA was 
struck from behind by a 
sport-utility vehicle 
while standing at the 
back of his service van. 
Joseph was taken to 
Allegheny General 
Hospital in critical 
condition with internal 
damage and severe leg injuries 
could lose both legs. 

Police said he 

Police said the accident occurred when 
Raymond Massey, 70, of the North Side, was 
trying to turn around when he made a left onto 
Seabright from Federal Street Extension. Massey 
told police he hit a patch of ice and slid into Fette, 
who was either loading or unloading his locksmith 
van. The accident is under investigation. No 
charges have been filed at the time of this report. 

Our hearts go out to this Locksmith and his 
family, and we hope for his speedy and full 
recovery. Our guess is that he was working out of 
the back of his locksmith van, as we must so often 
do, in an area where traffic was passing. 
Apparently the SUV spun out of control and hit the 

While we often cannot avoid working in busy 
areas, please be careful out there. 

comes back to haunt you. No, I don't mean that 
gladiators complete with real death battles have 
come back to Prime Time. Something almost as 
ancient HAS come back to television. 

Sweeps are the time of year when television is 
being monitored very carefully for ratings. The 
ratings in that brief period are used to calculate 
advertising rates for the rest of the year. Local 
news programs would never be influenced by 
something as commercial as ratings right? Wrong. 

Station KMBC in Kansas City, Mo recently dug 
into a dusty box in their basement labeled Old- 
From that box they shoved aside the Man Bites 
Dog story. They pulled out the Locksmith Car 
Opening Sting, dusted it off, 
and set up a couple of 
locksmiths to open cars 
where the "owner" had no 

If you're called to open 
a car by a cheery person 
sneezing from a coating 
of dust all over 
them, ask for 
their ID. Better 
yet, remember 
to ask 



yust when you get used to it being the new 
Millennium something from the last one 

q^j^aw / \- 

Have questions? Want free technical help? Marc Goldberq 
Free Locksmith Forums! b..m:*k^ 


April 2004 • 5 

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A New Force Behind 1-800-UNLOCKS 

1-800-UNLOCKS, for those who don't know, is a 
nationwide automated dispatch locksmith network for 
automobile lockouts. Calls received on the toll free 1- 
800-UNLOCKS line from anywhere in the country are 
forwarded to the nearest authorized service member in 
that exchange. The theory is that 1-800-UNLOCKS is easy 
to remember, free for the customer to use, and would soon 
become a household name. 

I first learned of this company back in 1997 and 
thought it was a tremendous idea then, and I still do today. 
Unfortunately, the initial business plan and marketing 
claims made by 1-800-UNLOCKS seemed unrealistic in my 
estimations (which proved to be true), resulting in a 
rather unflattering editorial by me in February 1999. Soon 
thereafter, 1-800-UNLOCKS changed the initial member 
investment requirements (dramatically reducing them), 
and discontinued the unobtainable marketing campaign 
claims. 1-800-UNLOCKS was soon on the right track and 
the company started to blossom. 

Over the years, 1-800-UNLOCKS would periodically 
find itself swimming upstream, but it always survived the 
melee, ultimately finding the current and sailing on. That 
was, until a scathing letter from Laurie Kern about 1-800- 
UNLOCKS hit the pages of The National Locksmith in 
June 2003. 

When I received that letter, I had also received a few 
phone calls during that same period from other 
disgruntled 1-800-UNLOCKS customers for various 
reasons, much of which was spurred by Mrs. Kern's web 
forum posts. I initially called Jeff Musser, president of 1- 
800-UNLOCKS for his comments on the claims being 
made against his company, and allow him the opportunity 
to give his side of the story. I did not receive a response to 
my call. After waiting what I felt was a reasonable period of 
time for a response, I printed the letter as is. Soon after 
publication, I received a not too happy phone call from Jeff 
Musser defending his position. After speaking with him I 
believe he had a legitimate argument against the letter by 
Laurie Kern, unfortunately his actions were a little too 

Mr. Musser did say that at the time he was dealing with 
some serious family issues — apparently his mother had 
passed away, for which I felt really bad about. In an 
attempt to clear the air, I offered him the opportunity to 

respond to any of the allegations against his company, 
stating that I would be glad to publish them, at which time 
he seemed very receptive to the offer, assuring me he 
would send something. I never did receive his response, 
and I soon learned why. 

Several months later a message was left on my 
answering machine from a Mr. Barry Wilson, stating that 
he was the new owner of 1-800-UNLOCKS and wanted to 
discuss the changes at hand. After playing a little phone 
tag, we finally hooked up. As it turns out, Barry Wilson 
was a longtime silent investor to 1-800-UNLOCKS when 
Jeff Musser was at the helm. I also learned much more 
about Jeff Musser's family issues that he was dealing with 
when I spoke to him last. Apparently his mother didn't just 
pass away, she was murdered... by her husband. 

From what I learned, Jeff Musser's father (who was 
also a primary investor in 1-800-UNLOCKS) murdered 
Jeffs mother and then committed suicide himself. My 
heart just sank when I learned of 
this. How can you not feel the 
pain, or possibly even try to 
console someone who has 
experienced that. 

This horrible tragedy 
combined with the customers 
relations problems delivered a 
devastating blow to 1-800- 
UNLOCKS, caused Jeff 
Musser to relinquish 
the reigns of the 
company to Barry 

Continued on 
page 115. 


Greg Mango 




6 • Visit 


aspD auto-security products 


Hardware Only 

(software not included) 



S 1,2 00. 00 




FORD PATS 1,2,3 ('98-'03) 






(on certain models) 






--SYSTEM 123 



P.O. BOX 10 REDMOND, WA 98073-0010 PHONE: (425) 556-1900 FAX: (425) 558-1205 
E-M Al L ; i nf o@ca r I ocks , c om WEBSITE; www.c a 

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2 4 

The National Locksmith is interested in your view. We do reserve the right to edit for clarity and length. 

Any Door Closer Books? 

Like most locksmiths I look 
forward to each magazine. There is 
no end to the tips we all come 
across eventually. One question I 
have is, where can I find a book on 
door closures? Many times I have 
had to fix or replace one to 
complete the repair. Buying new 
ones is no problem, but many are 
repairable if I could just learn how. 
Surely I am not alone in this search. 

Could you please advise me? 
(260) 758-8323. 

Richard Berry 
Unknown Locks 

I have been trying to find these 
locks complete or just the body, 
as shown, without any luck. 
Maybe someone can help me 
locate a source. 

I can be reached by e-mail at: 

Mark Smith 
Cayman Islands 

The National Locksmith 
Attn: Editor 

Unknown Safe 

I have researched my past issues of 
The National Locksmith and found no 
references to this particular safe. My 
Cole references show that miniature, 
Center Mfg. type locks are used. After 
drilling a hole through the edge of the 
container (1-V2" from the front) and 
into the door, it was revealed that this 
lock was not used. What I saw with 


Remember to include your 
first and last name. 


my scope appeared to be a spindle 
tube. I then concluded that the lock 
would be a 6730 S&G type lock and 
could be attacked as such. Attempts 
to pull the dial and drill for a VD 
configuration failed. The dial would 
not pull with reasonable force. This 
led me to an impasse. Without 
specific servicing information I am at 
a loss to open this safe. Anyone that 
can be of assistance I would 
appreciate any help you can offer. I 
can be reached at: (360) 929-5650. 

R.W. Staples 

8 • Visit 

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AMbUHq UrtfuiYnca C-Rmpany iPtf AJltfalg Iridqrnnrty Cnmp.viy Northfefwk, ilW AfeHflB Nvw J" 
Insurflnw Company. Sridfawralpr, Hfftw itonwy Aitfllte Gjlrty WuftWl ln*unm» Company, [win 
S ih|r>r: to .v.-v-r i> and qualNta/bora SZOtH iMhUnln tnwutwiot Qompflny 






Consolidate your business Insurance with us and get more done with fewer phone calls. 

Your local Allstate agent can provide your business and employees with Ihe protection 
they need H so you can spend less time talking about your business and more time running 
it. Call 1 ^600-859-0247 and see what the Good Hands'' can do for you. 

Circle 305 on Rapid Reply 

You're in good hands. 

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Automotive Locksmith Services 

recently launched STRATTEC XL (Xtended 
Line) automotive keys and tools, and is focused 
on identifying and executing tactics to meet the 
demands within the ever-evolving automotive market. 

STRATTEC XL is a broadening of the aftermarket 
product line for STRATTEC. XL stands for Xtended 
Line and represents the umbrella under which the 
expanded lineup of keys and tools, including 
QUICK-CODE™ and CODE-SEEKER™, will be mar- 
keted. The extension illustrates STRATTECs com- 
mitment to add quality products to their line and to 
continue to build profitable partnerships with dis- 
tributors and locksmiths. 

STRATTEC introduced their first wave of import 
and domestic transponder and standard keys this 
past summer. STRATTEC XL keys are designed and 
built using the same quality components and stan- 
dards as their OEM products. (See photograph 1.) 
This results in an aftermarket automotive key that 
has the look and feel of original equipment. The 
addition of these keys to the line gives STRATTEC a 
key product line that can service more than 90 per- 
cent of the vehicles on the road. 

Future Opportunity For Locksmiths 

Through STRATTECs extensive interaction and 
research with locksmiths and their distributors, sev- 
eral barriers were identified that are keeping lock- 
smiths from cashing in on opportunities in the auto- 
motive market. These barriers include the costs and 
risks associated with investing in diagnostic tools. 
Because a majority of locksmith customers are small 
business owners, cash is king and they need to be 
able to predict their costs. Initial investment outlay 
required for a diagnostic tool is prohibitive, and the 
cost of upgrades is high and unpredictable. There 
are also questions surrounding support and training. 

STRATTEC is working to help locksmiths under- 
stand the potential in the new automotive world. 

10 • 

Because of STRATTECs position as the original 
and leading OEM provider of locks and keys in the 
new car market, they know the size and scope of 
the automotive aftermarket. Almost 70 percent of 
all new vehicles sold in the U.S. market offer 
transponder keys. When factoring in a market 
where there are more than 200,000,000 vehicles in 
operation, this is a huge market for profit-packed, 
transponder and other technologically advanced 
entry systems. Locksmiths stand to profit both 
from the number of transponder keys on the mar- 
ket, and the fact that the new transponder technol- 
ogy represents high price points, margins and 

1. STRATTEC XL keys are designed 
as their OEM products. 

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Diagnostic Tool. 

service-call revenue. With the increase in retail val- 
ues of the new replacement keys of $50 and more, 
locksmiths would have to cut a lot of two-dollar 
keys to make the same amount of revenue. 

Locksmiths who have prioritized the automotive 
market are making more money there than they ever 
have. Ultimately, STRATTEC feels that the industry 
needs to do a better job of educating locksmith part- 
ners through distributors - especially about how to 
build and grow their automotive business. 

Brighter Future with 
New Tool Technology 

STRATTEC recently showcased the QUICK- 
CODE™ Cloning Tool and has begun delivering the 
all-new STRATTEC CODE-SEEKER™ Diagnostic 
Tool. Each tool delivers STRATTEC's OEM quality 
with affordable pricing and is backed by industry- 
leading sales support, customer service and product 
training programs. 

"We are receiving powerful feedback from a 
large part of the industry," said STRATTEC Service 
and Aftermarket Customer Business Manager 
Kevin Schumacher. "Users close to this business 
realize how rapidly products of this nature change. 
These tools were developed in response to these 
constant changes." 


Addressing the ever-changing needs of the mar- 
ket, STRATTEC launched the CODE-SEEKER 
Diagnostic Tool, recognizing that an effective way to 
expand key sales was to deliver a quality, affordable 
tool directly to the locksmiths. (See photograph 2.) 
Locksmiths are reluctant to invest in tools because of 
the lofty price point and the unpredictable costs for 
upgrades. In early 2004, STRATTEC began offering 
the all-new CODE-SEEKER to locksmiths at a sub- 
stantial discount ($4399). This is a full-function prod- 
uct, not a stripped-down version. They are coupling 
this with an aggressive promotion to drive more sales 
of keys through their distribution channel. STRAT- 
TEC is sharing the investment costs and delivering a 
comprehensive marketing program that will help 
locksmiths manage costs and increase revenue that 
will ensure growth of their automotive key business. 

When asked about the different approach to the 
market, Schumacher offered, "We are convinced that 
this is the most effective way to get the CODE- 
SEEKER out. We do realize that we are stretching 
the envelope a bit." Schumacher went on to add that 
"The bundling of these tools and high-value 
transponder keys promotes the success of all of our 
channel partners." 

For the first year, STRATTEC is offering any lock- 
smith purchasing the CODE-SEEKER free software 
upgrades, including the new Chrysler upgrade, 
through the entire 2004 calendar year. Locksmiths 
may then subscribe to unlimited annual upgrades for 
the next two years at a fixed cost of just $499 per 
year beginning in 2005. 

Other savings for locksmiths include a 
Transponder Key Upgrade Credit program. 
Basically, the locksmith can reduce the cost of future 
upgrades by purchasing transponder keys through 
an authorized STRATTEC distributor. For every 

Continued on page 14 

April 2004* 11 

lastic Coating 
Won't Scratch Paint and 
Clows in the Dark! 

ightmng Rod 7 
instead of a regular long reach 

purchase of any set! 


Ughb/ Up ™ d Glow/ ir\ bl\e Dorl^ 

hVftxi Csse ^^Mfe Ccfl&tf Si^ar Simp Jotf * 




? Case Remote Co^Jmcrf Supe/ £r/sp faV 

o«c Hrt«rf lack Set: Shielded Quick Max 
Long Reach Tool, One Hand Jack Tool, Ai 
Air Wedge, Super Strap Tool, Carrying I 
#OH)S4 $59.95 


■r*4Tli i 


_ PjijjJ 

O -■32&&3Z4 


Super M^d JtfdJ Set: Shielded Quick Max 

Long Reach Tbol h One Hand Jack Tool, Super One 

Hand Jack Tool, Super Air Jack Air Wedge, Super 

Strap Tool, Carrying Case. #SMJS4 $79.95 

Upgrade any set with a 

Lightning Rod™ for $34.95 

Circle 318 on Rapid Reply 

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High Tech Tool 

Includes EOD4 
\ and early 

ee Truck 



Today's automobile lock nr 

are nothing short of extraordinary. 

Cabled, and shielded, each and every 

lock-out presents a new challenge 

requiring just the right tool. 

The High Tech Tools Vehicle Access 

system, gives you the specialized 

tools you need, with step by step 

photo instructions. The only system 

in the world, that includes every 

modern auto lock-out technique, and 

innovation in one easy to use set. 

Auto and Truck Lock-outs are our 

Business Our Only Business! 

We wrote 

the baak J 

an i 


*For a Limited tim< . 

get a Truck Master 

Heavy Duty Truck 

opening upgrade 

with every Master 

Locksmith Super se 

purchase. The TMU 

.Unlocks all heavy and 

- medium duty Trucks 

ncluding all Big Rigsl 

Includes manual, 

Tools, and Carrying 

e. Not valid on previous 
ders, limited time offer) 


1 628 NW 28th Street 

Miami, Fl. 33142 

305-635- tOt I 'Fax 305-635- 1 01 5 

www. h ightechtools. com 

1 -800 323-5324 

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3. The CODE-SEEKER fits comfortably 
in the operator's hand. 

STRATTEC transponder key that a locksmith buys, 
STRATTEC will credit $1 toward the cost of the next 
year's upgrade subscription (up to $499) . 

CODE-SEEKER has all the same features as other 
diagnostic tools on the market and is fully upgrade- 
able. It has a slim line design that is easy to use and 
fits comfortably in the operator's hand. It connects to 
the vehicle's OBD-2 or similar port. (See photograph 
3.) The CODE-SEEKER also comes with a manual 
that is equipped with an Instant Port Identifier fea- 
ture, enabling the operator to quickly identify the 
port in the vehicle. (See photograph 4.) Intuitive by 
design, CODE-SEEKER can add, erase and program 
keys, as well as indicate how many keys have been 
programmed to the vehicle. For specific vehicles, the 

4. The CODE-SEEKER comes with a manual that is 
equipped with an Instant Port Identifier feature. 

tool actually retrieves the immobilizer number that 
allows the operator to obtain the vehicle PIN from 
the manufacturer. (See photograph 5.) 

CODE-SEEKER is equipped with an expandable 
database that will accommodate new vehicle systems 
as they become available. STRATTEC offers free 
24/7 live tech support for CODE-SEEKER owners. 
CODE-SEEKER is packaged with all the necessary 
adaptors and cables in one of the best carrying cases 
in the business. For CODE-SEEKER, the break-even 
point is about 29 jobs using an average consumer 
cost for the service and programmed key of $175. 


STRATTEC introduced QUICK-CODE to answer a 
need in the marketplace for a dependable, versatile 
and affordable cloning tool. The tool duplicates the 
transponder's permanent code, and also identifies the 
presence of encrypted transponders. QUICK-CODE 
combines the latest, most innovative electronic com- 
ponents with industrial-design ergonomics like a side- 
fitted antenna that allows keys to be read without 
removing them from their key rings. QUICK-CODE 
is also extremely versatile and comes with USB and 
RS232 interface for computer link up allowing for 
simple high-speed data transfer to your PC. 

The QUICK-CODE comes with free upgrades for 
the life of the tool and 10 FREE STRATTEC 
transponder keys just for registering the purchase. 
Payback for locksmiths on the QUICK-CODE, based 
on an average consumer cost of $50, can be met with 
only 17 jobs. 

DaimlerChrysler Update 

In other news, STRATTEC has announced the 
immediate availability of a family of private (STRAT- 
TEC) logo keys to service the Chrysler family of 
vehicles. Marketed under the STRATTEC XL brand, 
these key products replace the existing Chrysler- 
logo parts. 

Current Part 593578 Use 692355 

Current Part 594145 Use 692350 

Current Part 595293 Use 692350 

Current Part 595895 Use 692347 

Current Part 595917 Use 692347 

Current Part 596504 Use 692351 

Current Part 596508 Use 692351 

Current Part 690500 Use 692351 

Current Part 690220 Use 692351 

Current Part 597358 Use 692351 

Current Part 691388 Use 692351 

Current Part 597121 Use 692346 

Current Part 690230 Use 692346 

14 • 

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Current Part 690231 Use 692346 

Current Part 599312 Use 692346 

Current Part 690503 Use 692346 

Current Part 598495 Use 692325 

Current Part 690222 Use 692325 

5. The CODE-SEEKER can add, 
erase and program keys. 

Current Part 690504 Use 692325 

Current Part 690223 Use 692325 

Current Part 599455 Use 692325 

Current Part 690226 Use 692354 

Current Part 599450 Use 692354 

Current Part 690653 Use 692353 

Current Part 690654 Use 692353 

Current Part 691718 Use 692352 

Current Part 691729 Use 692352 

DaimlerChrysler has decided that all products 
that carry their Chrysler logos, including keys, 
should be available only at the dealer. After a short 
transition period, STRATTEC will only supply the 
STRATTEC branded XL keys to the market. 

With it's sights on the future, STRATTEC has cus- 
tomer-focused teams working closely with their net- 
work of distributors. They continue to invest in new 
product development and funding for emerging tech- 
nology areas that help grow the aftermarket busi- 
ness, and contribute to the success of their lock- 
smith distribution partners. 

For more information contact STRATTEC Security 
Corp. at: Phone: 414-247-3333; Fax:: 414-247-3329; 
Web : Circle 355 on Rapid Reply. 


Hardware Inc. 

Koala Corpora tion 
I Munufcaurcrsor child 
care products 

Yale * 

iViui'r malic ]Juc>r Ctmimls 

Norton 9 £T 

. KROY® 

Same Day Shipping *"* Rcgulatory Signs 

Alarm Lock Systems Inc 


1-800-458-8707 Fax 800-667-8701 

... .„. .. , Email: 

We accept Visa, Mastercard 

and American Express 


Circle 315 on Rapid Reply 

April 2004* 15 

here to view new i 

InstaCode 2004 with our new 
Master Key Module (Module i San optional hmt^ 

Design a grand master system and send ll^coteilot™ 
it right to your electronic key machine! i»«n-t »en mstaco 

_?«"»nhiiTrt. n . 


first window- 

•*wp Dv T«, WwA Tv W«fT 

How do 
you want 
to start? 

the solution. 

m InstaCode 2004, you 
haven't seen InstaCode! 

New far 2004, . . 

- Optional master key 
module allows you to 
design a grand master 
system and send it right to 
your electronic key 

* Add your own code series 

* Add your own code cards 

* Cad cam graphics of keys 
show Depth & Space 

* More vehicle openings 

* New code series 
Additional features... 

* Free internet updates mean 
no waiting for new codes & 

« Transponder programming 
info onboard 

* Vehicle look up by make, 
model and year 

* ASP part numbers and labor 

Infir Hfy pn.rriph.-mi 



quantities to 

MMi AJK* **** T * K * M*flli« 

B— r- *,,*,, W .* £ 






System type. 

Printouts and send to key 
cutting machine, 

You deserve the best! You deserve InstaCode! 

here to view new i 

InstaCode 2004 puts the power in 
YOUR hands! 

The feature fist goes on and on. 
How does your software compare? 







Code number < 

/ 1 

Manufacturer i 

/ ? 

Model and year , 

/ 1 

Key blank i 

/ 1 

cam • ? 

Lock type 1/ I 

Search on any combination of criteria i 

/ 7 


6000 scries • IS billion codes i 

/ ? 

99 key blank manufacturers < 

/ 7 

Key blank cross reference < 

/ 1 

Key blank profite pictures i 

/ 1 

Key blank pictures < 

/ 7 

Vehicle opening instructions < 

/ 7 

Transpo n der program rning i nstrutfions < 

/ 7 

Complete ASP catalog with color pictures < 

/ 7 

Air bag safety instructions i 

/ 7 

Lock wafer positions 1/ ? 


Sika UnoCode i 

/ ? 

Silca UnoCode 399 i 

/ 7 

Sika UnoCode 399 i 

/ 7 

llco UHraCode < 

/ 7 

m.9ooo < 

^ 7 


/ 7 

CodeMax < 
ECM200 i 

/ 7 
/ 7 


HPC 1 200/81 itl i 

/ 7 

HPC Punch i 

/ 7 

Curtis < 

/ ? 

Framon < 

/ 7 

Al ^ 7 

Mail in coupon below OR fait coupon to (610) 817-12 1 0. 


Vuut Name 

Shop Name 

H YES Send me InstaCode 2004 with 
Master Key Module for $69S.u© 

n yes Send me InstaCode 2004 without 
Master Key Module for $695.00 

Orders muii be plid in UV Funny 
"I My check and this coupon are enclosed for $ 
Or charge my "»VI5A "I MasterCard ~l Diuover 
"I American Express 


Exp Date 

Include SB shipping CdnJdj & Foreign Jdd &30 add'l lor shipping E^mal iDptmuii 


Add your mm code series 

Make your own cade cards 
Master keying Module included 

Build a grand master keying system and 
download hi to your electronic machine 

Password protection available 

Sort key blanks into dewed order for display • 
Find partial bitting 

Progression chart to eliminate wastage 

Shows picture of cut key 

Stores key hook tor each key blank 

Stores client information 

Stores user notes against each series 

Supports laser and plunge cut keys 

Your choice of display units (inches or mm) 

Select manufacturer, model key blank r etc 

from list by typing in first few characters • 


Print HPC Cards i 

Print a whote writs 

Print the current code and its data 
Configurable printer and printer paper tray 
Choose letter or A4 size paper 


Cad Cam drawing of key graphically shows 

depths and spaces 

Intuitive user interface 

Live updates from Ihe Internet i 

Supports mouse and keyboard i 

Microsoft Windows application 

Licensed to run on 5 machines in the same Office ^ 

Configurable personality •_ 

Step-ny-step manual • 


Address irwfo bow i 

Crty, State, Zip 


Copy or clip this coupon and send whh payment lo: The Natiotwl Lotfatttith - P.O. Box 77-97592 * Chicago, ft 50G7B-7$$3 
CREDIT CARD ORDERS; Fax your order to (650) ft37 IllO or Phoie your order to (tot) 937 2044 

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■ JH M e've all heard the saying; The one with 
WMWm the most toys wins! When it comes to 
W tools, that couldn't be truer. The more 
tools you have in your arsenal, the more you can 
accomplish. The more you can accomplish trans- 
lates into, the more money you can make. That 
alone makes all those widgets, gadgets and tantaliz- 
ing new tools all the more valuable. Not to mention 
how much easier the right tool for the job will make 
your life. Greatly reducing those incidental acci- 
dents that occur when using an improper tool for 
the situation. 

Lockmasters, Inc. 
LOX-OFF® Lock Opening Kit 

Simply put, LOX-OFF can make the difference 
between looking like a lock butcher or a lock sur- 
geon. LOX-OFF helps you precision drill locks open 
safely. This system helps you open a multitude of 
locks including padlocks, doorknobs, lever locks, 
keyless locks and more, eliminating the need to drill 
free-hand. It can also be used on rekeyable padlocks 
so that they can be rekeyed and repaired. 


The tool is so precise that you can precision drill 
the lock plug and not damage the lock cylinder or 
vise-versa. The hard drill guide bushings prevent 
drilling your hand. Available exclusively from 
Lockmasters, Inc. 

18 • 

Keedex K-22 Lever Opening Tool 

If you can slide this tool under the door, you can 
open it! The K-22 Lever Opening tool is invaluable 
for lockouts involving lever locks. Especially impor- 
tant for situations involving locks that have malfunc- 
tioned or that are pick resistant. This tool can save 
precious time and valuable hardware. This was dra- 
matically illus- 
trated shortly 
after the proto- 
type for this tool 
was developed. 

received a call 
from a manufac- 
turer's represen- 
tative, who was 
pleading to bor- 
row the K-22. 
You see, he had 
sold an electron- 
ic locking system 
to a new hotel. 
Several of the 
locks had mal- 
blocking access 
to the rooms, and the hotel was to have their "sold 
out" grand opening in just two days. The bypass keys 
were ineffective. With the K-22 in hand, they were 
able to gain access to the rooms, and service the 
locks before the hotel opened. 

Titan Tool Extended Length, 
Low Cost Borescope 

This new scope is said to be especially useful in 
the inspection of tumbler assemblies in large safes 

Continued on page 21 

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having apertures, which can accommodate the nar- 
row (less than 1/4") viewing tube. The borescope is 
available in lengths of 6" and 12" with 90° angular- 
viewing. The Model 55 Series provides locksmiths 
with an unusually large field of view of 95°. The 
borescope features complete, self-contained illumina- 
tion provided through a 5.5mm (.217") optical tube 
that is 12" long, equipped with a Krypton high-inten- 
sity light bulb, and powered by two AA batteries. The 
illumination is carried forward to the viewing area by 
glass fibers surrounding the lens system. 

The lens system includes an arrow for use in 
alignment to a selected point. Optionally available is 
a fiber bundle and halogen light source adapter, 
which provides a variable controlled, high intensity 
light source. Other unique features of the Series 55 
Borescope include: focal point adjustment from 1mm 
(.040") to infinity; a magnification from 14X at 1mm 
(.040") to 3X at 15mm (.590") to IX at 50mm (1.96"); 
a 10° to 103° F operating temperature range. 

Major Manufacturing 
HIT-33 Template System 

A new router template installation system has 
been introduced by Major Manufacturing. The HIT- 
33 series features a main template base that mounts 
to the door edge using drill screws or double headed 
nails. This base component serves as a platform for 
interchangeable routing templates for the installation 
of knob, deadbolt and mortise lock faceplates. In 

addition, the HIT-33 series can also route openings 
for extension flush bolts with 1" or 1-1/4" wide faces. 
A carbide tip drill and guide is also available to drill 
from the top of the door to the flush bolt. 

Sieveking Products Squeeze-Play 

Sieveking Products Company has made changes 
to the Squeeze-Play hollow metal door mortising 
tool. The Squeeze-Play tool will mortise 90% of the 
edge seamed hollow metal doors found in the resi- 
dential and commercial market. Improvements have 
been made to the automatic center punch features, 
which will increase the depth of the punch marking. 
Squeeze-Play automatically locates and punches the 
locations for the square face bolt mounting screws. 



4 [KrtftM felUrttP to* * Up* ***•* Hb 
*fo*ftct AJicnnvut, julnxuftk-ully crnlrr ptnctm 


fFiri^T rrnrij rtcd 4UH Up to II 
*FW | IhT iL'vl iff i I L»T up-n 

«H*fc Onfc- Cubed feriwl 

■1, culm uuUlUfcun tin* b) Lwu -ifcirdft. 

pducn Ihc nut of inilallalifXi. ilwilinhi 

Lhr >nmj cut tht d«v or w inbwn*! hrAfH* 

hmm FnJi 

http://www t sievekingprQdco,CQm/ 

Squeeze-Play will mortise 1-3/4" doors, and mark 
mounting locations for 2-1/4" x 1" and 2-1/4" x 1- 
1/8" square face bolts, eliminating the need to cut 
the door or use internal bridges. The mortise is 
made with no loss of the doors structural integrity. 

Ilco TD3A Transponder Detector 

Do your customers drive Ford® F-150's, Dodge® 
Caravans or Honda® Civics? If so, they are going to 
need replacement Transponder keys in the near 
future. When a potential customer enters your store 
and requests a new F-150 key will your staff be pre- 
pared? Ilco's TD3A Transponder Detector is a hand 
held tool, capable of detecting the presence of a 
Transponder chip within the head of an automotive 
key and identifying the chip to the operator. The 
TD3A is very easy to operate; the user must simply 
insert an automotive key into the proper slot, and 
then depress and hold the "Test" button. If a 
Transponder is present, a red LED will flash beside 
the name of the manufacturer of the chip. If a 
Transponder were not present, no LED would flash. 

The TD3A device allows key cutters to quickly 
and accurately identify weather or not a customer's 
automotive key contains a Transponder, once this 


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has been established the key cutter can determine if 
they wish to cut the key or not. Establishments not 
equipped with Transponder key-programming equip- 
ment may wish to simply refer the customer back to 
a automotive dealership instead of wasting a $15 -$18 
blank and creating customer frustration. 

HPC Stamp Aligner XL 

The Stamp Aligner XL (SA-7XL) is twice as 
quick and holds twice as much as the original 
Stamp Aligner. Crooked numbers, stamps flying 
across the room and numbers that go up, down, 

and all around, are a thing of the past. The main 
housing of the Stamp Aligner XL holds the stamps 
for you, so the figures may be stamped on keys in a 
straight line with even spacing between characters. 
The Universal Plate is designed to quickly swap 
out and securely holds two keys for stamping. 
Removing the plate exposes two openings 
designed to hold rim or mortise cylinders so they 
can be stamped as well. Plus, additional specialty 
plates are available for quick snap-in locking of 
Schlage keys and Best IC keys and cores for even 
faster stamping. 

Whether stamping a name on one key or codes on 
multiple keys and cylinders in a master key system, 
you will find that the Stamp Aligner XL will pay for 
itself over and over again. 

Gil-Ray Tools Sharpens Dull Cutter Wheels 

Gil-Ray Tools offers a mail in sharpening service 
for dull cutter wheels. As an original equipment man- 
ufacturer for many of the more popular key machine 
companies, Gil-Ray has over 58 years experience in 
sharpening. At Gil-Ray, dull key cutters can be sharp- 
ened up to 6 times before replacement is needed. 
Because every cutter is matched to the OEM blue- 
print specifications, cutters restored by Gil-Ray work 
good as new. 

All key cutters can be sharpened including... 
Code Cutters, Duplication Cutters, Flat Slotters and 
End Mills. Gil-Ray also offers new replacement cut- 
ters direct to Locksmiths. Recent additions to their 
inventory include, Code Cutter wheels for HPC, 
Framon, Kaba Ilco machines. Precision Metric 
Duplicating Cutters for Bollini, Borkey, Bravo, 
Rytan and Taurus machines. 

ASP Transponder Programmer 

After a long period of testing and use in 
Europe and England, T-Code made its US debut 
in May of 2003 through ASP and their broad 
line of distributors. The unit has gained wide 
acceptance due to its excellent technology and 
technical support. The T-Code programming 

22 • Visit 

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machine allows 
the locksmith to 
keys for Audi, 
VW, Cadillac, 
C a t e r a , 
Chrysler, Ford 
USA, Honda, 
Nissan and 
Infinity; with 
many more to 
come. T-Code 
also features full 
function for all 
and CAN sys- 
tems. Complete 
instruction book 
and free tele- 
phone tech sup- 
port are also 
included with 
every unit. 

T - ra&£ 



PRO-LOK LT371 4-Piece Follower Set 

This deluxe follower set contains four different 
colored aluminum follower tools. These brightly col- 
ored followers allow you to easily identify the proper 
diameter tool that you need. Two standard size fol- 
lowers, one small and one large diameter combine to 
offer a set that will service almost any pin tumbler 
lock. The small diameter follower (Part# LT371-395) 
has a .395 diameter and is used for most small pin 
tumbler rekeying jobs. Uses include: Corbin small 
pin, Eagle small pin, Yale small pin, Ilco "peanut" 
cylinders and others. 

The first standard size follower (Part# LT371-495) 
has a .495 diameter and two different end configura- 
tions. It is used for Arrow, Schlage, Kwikset, Corbin 
& Russwin, Ilco, Eagle, Lockwood, Sargent, Weiser 
and others. The second standard size follower (Part# 

Armored Door Loops 

More sizes: 1/4" & 3/8". 

More lengths: 18, 24" s 
30 Tr s 45" & 60". 

More colors: Aluminum, 
Duro, Gold, Black & White. 


Now Available: Keedex K-DS 
All Stainless Steel Door Loop. 

I5BI3 3 1 


Weldable Gate Boxes 

With more than eighty different 
models available, Keedex has 
a solution for your gate lock 
installation, Keedex Weldable Gate 
Boxes are available for cylindrical 
locks, dead bo Its , mortise locks, 
push-button locks, lever locks, 
hotel locks, electric strikes and 

=_ . more* 



More Ring. 
Less $$. 

Our Keedex K-24 cylinder 

yuard riny runs circles around 
the competition* Both in performance and value 
The K-24 is made of hardened steel* with a 
durable powder coat finish. The Keedex cylinder 
guard ring features a deeper design, allowing you 
to use il with a wider range ol cylinders. 

Call or write today 
foryourjrec catalog! 

Keedex. Inc. 

12931 Shackelford Lane 

Garden Grove, CA 92841 


Fax: 714-636-5630 


www, keedex. com 

Circle 328 on Rapid Reply April 2004 • 23 

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LT371-500) has a .500 diameter and has two different 
end configurations and is used for Ilco, Keil, Eagle, 
Lockwood and other rim cylinders. The oversize fol- 
lower (Part# LT371-555) has a .555 diameter with 
two different end configurations. It is used for 
Corbin & Russwin oversize commercial-industrial 
cylinders and others. 

Hinge Tweaker 

The Hinge Tweaker is a tool designed to re-bend 
standard weight .134 gauge hinges to enable a door 
to operate correctly. The tool works by placing it 
over the hinge knuckles of the bent hinge while the 
door is closed. The hinge is bent slightly by pushing 

the Hinge Tweaker toward the doorknob/lever side 
of the door, and the procedure is repeated until the 
door closes properly. The re-bending technique is 
intended to be a time and labor saving device for 
locksmiths and facility managers looking for a more 
effective means to repair doors. 

Bad Dog Tools Drill Bits 

Locksmiths might be the modern day 
equivalent to a knight in shining armor - as 
far as your customers are concerned. An P 
emergency call to a locksmith typically 
means something's gone wrong: A malfunctioning 
lock or broken key, a disgruntled employee with a 
full set of keys, or the forgotten combination to a 
safe. Just as knights of old relied on a staunch sword, 
modern-day knights must choose their tools with 
equal care. You can't be a hero if you don't fix the 
problem and you can't fix a problem if you don't have 
the right tools. What's a knight to do? Carry tools 
that multi-task. 

Bits that drill multiple materials like Bad Dog 
Tools Multi-purpose drill bits make being a hero 

easy because they work as well in metal as they do in 
masonry or wood. This multiplicity lightens a tool- 
box and provides more options at site when you 
haven't received much background information. 
While Bad Dog bits drill more slowly in metal than a 
traditional twist drill bit, they can tackle much harder 
metals like tempered or high-speed steel. The hex 
shank bits come with a quick-change chuck that 
makes switching swords, ahem, bits a breeze. Wild Jig 

Are you frustrated with the effort it takes to set 
up, drill, and install locks? Do you find yourself 
spending wasted time with complicated clamp sys- 
tems, spacing plates and set-up requirements? Are 
you tired of using clumsy installation jigs that cost 
you time and money? The solution to these 
headaches is the Locktools installation jig series. 
Their three jig series, the Wild Jig 1, Wild Jig 2 and 
TimeSaver Jig are all designed by a locksmith for 
locksmiths. Set up time is drastically reduced, the 
jigs are accurate, rugged and come with limited life- 
time guarantees. The Wild Jig 1 quickly and smooth- 
ly bores holes for commercial and residential cylin- 
der locks and deadbolts. 

The Wild Jig 2 mortise jig's patented grip-lip cen- 
tering system assures limited set-up time and accu- 
rate cutting. A quick-change interchangeable plate 
mechanism allows for fast efficient changeover for 
different mortise lock installations. The TimeSaver 
Jig accurately drills holes for all anchor plate lugs, 
through bolts, and electric wire ports for various 
types of commercial door hardware. All jigs are held 
on the door using a patented spring-loaded holder. 

24 • Visit 

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Gator Tools Wafer Popper 

If it's not in your toolbox, you're damaging locks. 
The Wafer Popper was developed to help in the 
removal of stuck or peened wafers. This process can be 
a circus act, trying to juggle the lock, screwdriver and 
hammer all with just two hands. Have you ever lost a 
wafer, broke a lock or got your screwdriver stuck in the 
core? Not anymore. One hand holds and squeezes the 
tool; the other hand catches or rotates the lock. This 
tool works so well we fit a slogan to match the speed, 
"Click...Click...Click...It , s just that quick". 

The tool can do the standard locks or the offset 
wafer equally as well. The handles are cushioned for 
comfort, torsion spring for one handed use and nick- 
el-plated for weather resistance and durability. 

Lab Annex IC Tool 

The stainless steel LAB Interchangeable Core 
Annex offers the simplest method for the loading and 
unloading of interchangeable core pins, springs and 
caps, using only one instrument for both functions. A 
second time saving feature is a slide out codebook 
below the area where the core is slid in place. This 
allows the user to unload the core pins, springs and 
caps into a confined area without spilling the parts in 
or around the work area. The slide out codebook is 
also used to decode the core to determine the bitting 
of the control key when it is not available and also 
determine the top master key bitting. 





' 2004 PIT STOPS 

#2 April 3-4 Oklahoma City, OK 

$& May 22-23 Buffalo, NY 

#4 Oct. 1-3 Talladega, AL 
Special NASCAR Weekend! 

#5 Nov, 6-7 las Vegas, NV 

Visit us on the web at 

pureautccom for event 

details, registration forms 

& more! Register now for 

early bird discounts! 




Track i - Domestic Automotive 

In-depth, hands-on training, course covering 1?W models and forward. 

Track 2 - ■Winn port Automotive 

Learn features ■& servicing techniques for a variety of import locking 


Track I - High Security Automotive 

Learn how to service vehicles with high-security key systems. Includes 

key tutting h generation, Lock removal k replacement and more. 

Track 4 - Automotive Transponders 

From the basics to advanced, learn from the experts - everything from 

key blank selection to hands-on programming > 

Track 5 - MWKey Generation 

Get All the skills necessary to generate automotive keys. 

Track 6 - Mechanical Safe Lock Servicing 

Track 7 - Electronic Safe Lock Servicing 

Safe lock servicing is back by popular demand! Learn function, design, 
opening, service and more on most commonly round mechanical and 
electronic safe locks. 

Circle 333 on Rapid Reply 

April 2004 • 25 

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e' u e a<l tied a 




You Can 


the Difference! 


<r M 



\KmuUd & flattened 


The U.S. Patent alf ice . 
U.S. Patent for our revel 


{Znmnipff* Kit 


/a to Mnrifi Kit 

/-% \_ ^^ 

riCfofh Case! 

B" x 30* cfosed 

Never be without the right tool ag^inl When you just cant get your fill ol car 
opening tools, get I he Complele Too! Kit. This kit contains one ol each of our 
car opening tools; 5 slim jims, 7 MCtiT lools, long reach tool and all at our 
specialty tools along with a selection of wedges in our deluxe zippered 
Cardura cloth case with divided sections inside and sturdy handles for 
carrying and a tool i nsl ru cti o n booklet, 47 piece set. 

AG 1 , A003, A004, A DO 7 T A0 1 0, A01 1 , A0 1 2 p A01 3, AD f 4 P AG 1 6, 
A017 P AG18, A020 f AG21, AG25, A026, AD29, A031 p A032, A03Q, AD33, 
A034, Ad 3 5, AD36 P A037, A03B, AG 39, A0441, A041 , A04Z, A04Z SL, 
A043, A044, A045 r A047 p A048 T A049 p A084 T A0S5, AOCO 

A095 A0S6 A06Q a AO61,A063 

Tools shown in Yellow indicate Xacto-Grip design 

Circle 345 on Rapid Reply 

8" x 30 ,F closed 

When you're in the aulo opening business, you've got to keep up wHh ihe 
changes manufacturers make to the vehicles. Donl lei those new 
vehicles scare you. The selection of tools in this kit allows you to open 
late-model vehicles easily. The Lale Model kit contains all of ihe tools 
used in our Car Opening Manuals Irom 1995 to 2090. This kit comes in a 
deluxe zippered Cardura cloih case wilh divided sections inside and 
slurdy handles lor carrying and a tool instruction booklet. 34 piece set. 

AOOIp AG 07, ACTIO, AG 12, A014, AG 18, A 021, A025, A029 r 
A031, A032 p AG33, AQ34, A035, AQ36 P A037, AD38, A039, AD41, 
A042, A042 SL, A043 p A044 T A045, A047, AQ48 P AQ49, A084 

AG 9 5 AG 55 AO BO, A 064 

Tools shown In Yellow indicate Xacto-Grip design 

Order PRO*LOK toots from your favorite locksmith distributor. 
Visit our website www. pro- fa k .com 
655 N Hariton Street Orange CA 9236B 
(714) G33-06H1 • Fax: (714) G33-D47Q 

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Tools Are Either Too Big Or Too Weak 
Over the last few years, car manufacturers have Increased the quality 
and materials u&ad in making car doors. Their efforts have created 
tighter doors and less space between the weather stripping and the 
grass. The Lightness created has made it increasingly difficult to 
insert your car opening tools between the glass and weather 
stripping In order to lower the tool into the door cavity. When you are 
able to insert your tool, it becomes more difficult to maneuver your 
tool around due to lightness. The solution sounds simple. Make tools 
thinner lo make them easier to enter the door cavity, right? The 
problem then becomes the strength of the tooJ. By making the tool 
thinner the tool looses its stiffness and strength. Without the 
strength, the linkage becomes difficult if not inn possible to maneuver. 

Solution: PRO-LOK has changed the size and shape 
of 26 of its car opening tools. 

• Only the highest grade music wire is used, 

• We start with a thicker diameter wire and flatten two sides. 

• The tools are then shaped and then heat treated (some tools 
twice) for additional strength and breakage protection. 

The result is stronger but thinner tools- The flat side of the tool is 
Inserted between the weather stripping and the glass, When the tool 

" d. you have a strori 

Xacto-Grip Kits 

Professional Kit 


The Professional kit is the hit for you il 

Jreu're just gelling started in the auto 
ockoul business. This is a great basis kit, 
Low cosl and versatility make this 
seleciion of loots perlett for Ihe beginner 
or jusl right lor an exlra kil. These tools 
can be used to unlock a variety ol foreign 
and demesne vehicles- Packed in a vinyl 
case with 3 lool instruction booklet. 1 D piece sel. vinyl tau a a ■ 27". 
fools shown In Yellow indicate Xacto-Grip design 

AO01, AO04, AOlG h AO20, A025, A034, A035 
A095 A052 AO60 

Master Kit 


The Master kit is designed lo provide ihe 

professional car opening technician with 

a general use lockout kil This contains an 

assortment of basic tools thai can be 

used to unlock a variety of foreign and 

domestic vehicles. Packed Incur heavy 

duty cord una cloth case wilh a tool 

instruction booklet. 13 piece sel. 

Cfoth Omt e- * se- dowcJ- 

Tools shown In Yellow indicate Xacto-Grip design 

AO07 p AO10, A014, A016, A025 p A029, A034 T 
A035 t AOCO 


Xacto-Grip Tools 

PRO-LOK' 5 XattO-Grlp 
Flattening Process 

| XactoGrip Tools vs Other 

Manufacturers Wire Tools 

Original Wire 



After Wire 
Flattening on 


After me 
Fattening on 
Both Sititt 


thicker than 


thicker than 

Original Wire 

Fcorinmi/ Kit 


The Economy lot is a great starter kit or 
inexpensive way to accumulate 
additional spare toots. Compact slim 
vinyl snap tap case allows easy storage 
behind the seat lor those emergency 
calls. This krl contains two Slim Jims, 
two wire tools and a tool instruction 
booklet. 6 piece set. vmyi case y % 30-. 
Tools shown in Yellow indicate 
Xacto-Grip design 

AO1 1 , A012 H AO20, AO30 
A095 A051 


All PRO-LOK Shm Jims m made 

from signless steal. 

Premium Kit 


When you invest in lockout tools, you're 

spending your hard-earned money, so 

spend it wisely. This sel of lools assures 

lhat you will receive not only 14 ol our 

best selling toots, hut you can keep Ihem 

clean, prelected, organized, and ready 

lor use. Packed in our brielcase sty la 

cordura cloth case which has 10 

individual pockets to store your tools, 

Velcro closure and sturdy handles. Open hundreds ol models with this 

assortment of toots. 1 6 piece sel. Cfoth Cast! ifi H % 2? M folded 

Tools shown in Yellow indicate Xacto-Grip design 

AO01 1 A004> AO07, AQ1 0, A014> A01G P A021 , 
AG2S, AQ35, AD36, A037 

AO05 A055 AO60, AOG1 

Slide Lock Toot 
Astro Tool 
Round Jim Too! 
Corvette Toot 
Sprmg-L Toot 

Slide Jim Tool 

Toyota Tool 

MCQT-Handle Opener Toot 
MCQT-Handle Pvtl Tool 


■ MCOT-Fat Too! 


■ Dual Toot 


■ mOT-Button Litter Tovt 


■ MCQT-Wide Extra Long Toon 


MCQT-Separator Tool 


■ MCOT-Narrow Toot 


MCQT-Wide Tool 


■ MCOT-Lono Toot 


• Button Finger Tool 

Honda Tool 

Double Slide Tool 

Behind the Glass Toot 

AQ43 - Back-Flip Tool 
I AQ44 - Camry/LcMUS Toot 

A04B ~ AudiA6/A8 Tool 
\AQ49- Double 'VTtmi 
I AQ84 « GM Camaro Toof 

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Corol la 


Part 2 

In the last installment we covered openins procedures and the door lock. In 
this installment we cover the ignition lock and trunk lock. 

The ignition lock cylinder is very similar to other Toyota 
ignitions, which are called "Active" retainer locks. Which 
means the retainer will depress when a key is turned to 
the correct position. 

The bottom section of the plastic steering column 
shroud must be removed to depress the lock cylinder 
retainer. There is a single 
screw that must be 

This car does not have a transponder system. 
28 • Visit 

On each side of the front section of the shroud is a 
screw that must be removed. You may need to rotate 
the wheel to do this. 

Continued on page 30 

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A. HIT-41 Series Electric 
Strike Templates. 

B. HIT-111 Drill Guide - For 
Lever Lock conversions. 

C. HIT-44 Drill Master Boring Jig for pin-point 

D. HIT-45 Modular Installation System for door 
hardware. Example: Mortise Lock set-up. 

E. HIT-45 Example: Aluminum door set-up. 






Copyright 1997 
Major Mfg., Inc. 





714/772-5202 • FAX 714/772-2302 • 

Circle 336 on Rapid Reply 

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Continued from page 28 


The lock assembly is exposed once the shroud 
is removed. 

To disassemble the ignition lock you will need to 
remove the Tru-Arc ring on the rear of the lock cylinder. 

Insert a working key and rotate to the "ACC" position to 
depress and remove the lock cylinder. If you do not 
have a working key, the ignition lock will have to be 
drilled and replaced. Please DO NOT take a big heaping 
sledgehammer and pounding the heck out of the 
retainer with a punch. Please DO NOT take the largest 
drill bit you own and pile drive it into the ignition lock 
cylinder to try and remove it. 

The ignition lock removed. 

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There are 2 roll pins that secure the ignition face cap. 
One side is easily reached by inserting a pointed punch 
behind it and forcing it out. 

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The ignition lock cylinder plug contains all 10 tumblers 
in 5 chambers. 


The other roll pin is not exposed and you must drill a 
small hole on either side of it and pry out the roll pin. 
Take your time and aim accurately when drilling. 

Once the roll pins are removed you can 
ignition lock cylinder face cap and slide 

slide off the 
out the cylinder 

Mark Your Keys! 

Key Shop Name * Security Code 
Special Instructions 

We can customize an 
Evers stamp with your 

trademark, code, 
special lettering, shop 
name etc. Submit 
design, lettering and 
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STOCK IMPRINTS: "Master," "Do 
Not Duplicate, " "Do Not Copy," "U.S. 
Property" "Property of U.S. Gov't," 
and "Unlawful to Duplicate" 

Key Stamp Holder 
for 3/8" x 
3/4" Shank 

Quick and simple to 
use for faster, easier 

NO. E6H 

Security Code Stamps 

500 different symbols 



72 N. Oxford St., Providence Rl 02905 

TOLL FREE: 1-800-55-EVERS 

Phone: 401-781-4767 Fax: 401-781-9581 

The trunk lock cylinder is to the upper right of the 
license plate frame. 



He-Key Ttrtri Features... 

Disassemble ALL pans 

jnd reassemble. 

No drilling,,, No Plugs 

to remove. ..No 


Remove Kty Plug 

only.., I .cave upper pins 

j ml springs alone to 

* Re- Key", 

Remove Key Plug and 

replace ALL pins 10 


Remove and Replace 


Key WfcpAwuikfflrmm* 

No. I Yale 

No. 2 

No. 3 

No. 3D 

No. 4 

No. 5 

No. 5A 

No. 6 

No- 7 

No- 71 

No. 72 

No. 8 

No. 9 


SchhLjge C-K 
Segal 9 

1LCO 10S4K 
Saigpnt "5" 
Yale "GA H 
¥ik "GB" 
No. 10 Saigenr LAT 

Almont Lock Co. 

RO. Box 568 * Atmont, Mh 48003-0568 * (810) 798-8950 

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There is a plastic liner on the interior side of the trunk lid 
that must be removed. It uses the standard push-in style 
clips that can be removed and re-used with a little care. 

Boy it sure is sreat not to have to remove any tail light 
assemblies to get the trunk lock cylinder out. 

Two 10mm bolt nuts secure the trunk lock. 

The trunk 
lock has a 
on the 
bottom so 
you can 
see all the 

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Dr charge my "1 Visa 1 MuHrCard "I Djhqwi "I Amsrkai ExpreH 

far if t 



four Mm» 

Snap Amu 

te f / 

jUn/pnrcifflJ to: Ihs Hftccd Ladsnilh, M. Bm W-WJM, 
Way* ILAftfcrt-JS^. ft™: HMtf -H44 / fax: A3M3M21D 



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There is a set of numbers 
stamped into the trunk 
lock. It is not a code 
number, but it misht be 
your lucky lottery 

The face cap must be 
removed to disassemble the 
lock. The cap is notched on 
both sides. 

The trunk plug has a 
spring-loaded ball 
bearing on the end. 
Watch out for this 
when you remove the 
cylinder plug. I 
wasn't watching and 
it flew out of the lock 
at a high velocity and 
has never been found 
since. I replaced it 
with one from a 
Nissan, but that wi I 
be our little secret. 

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April 2004 • 33 

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The door lock cylinder plug contains 8 out 10 tumblers 
in positions 3 through 10. There is also single valet 
tumbler for the tip position. 

Making the First Key: 

Well this could not be any easier. 

Method #1: Remove passenger door lock and 
read code stamped on lock and make a code key. 

Method #2: Disassemble a door or trunk lock and 
then you will have 8 of the 10 cuts in positions 3 
through 10. Progression the remaining cuts in the 
ignition for a complete key. Software programs 
like InstaCode make this much easier. 

The valet tumbler is a number 2 depth cut into the key 
in what would the 1 1th position. Since Toyota reverses 
their tumbler depths it is stamped with a 3 on it. A 
number 4-depth tumbler would be stamped as a #1 on 
the tumbler and so forth, as an example. 

f JUIgrt. Tip c«tf-in >> 

7 3 4 II 71 f ID 

S*HA 4 2 3 4 34 23 12 

,SW*B 42 34 34 23 1 2 



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Silca UnoCode 

1 - .846 

Card Number: 1420 

Manufacturer: Toyota 

2 - .791 

HPC CodeMax 

Code Series: 50001 - 69999 

3 - .709 

DSD #: 176 

4 - .654 

Jaw: A 

Key Blanks: 

5 - .571 

Cutter: CW-47MC 


6 -.616 

Curtis No. 15 Code Cutter: 

Errebi: T04T/37RP 

7 - .433 

Cam-Set: N/A 

llco: TOY43AT4 
Jet: TR47-PHT 

8 - .378 

9 - .295 

Carriase: N/A 


10 -.240 

Framon #2 

Si lea: TOY43AT4 

Cuts Start at: .404 


Cut to Cut Spacing: 

Number of Cuts: 10 

1 = .323 

.0551 /.0826 Alternating 

MACS.: 2 

2 = .297 

Block #: N/A 

3 = .272 

Depth Increments: .0255 

Key Gauged: Tip 

4 = .246 


Center of First Cut: .846 

HPC 1200CMB 

Key Clamping Info: Key aligned 
using left side of vise/spacing clip. 

Cut to Cut Spacings: 

Code Card: CF307 

A-1 Pack-A-Punch 

.0551 /.0826 Alternating 

Jaw: A 

Quick Change Kit: N/A 

Cut Depth Increments: .0255 

Cutter: CW-47MC 
Gauge From: Tip 

Punch: N/A 
Die: N/A 


- HPC 1200PCH (Punch) 

ITL 9000 & 950 

- PCH Card: N/A 

Hi \y-\r~V\ Kl / A 

Manufacturer ID- N/A 

1 V IV^I 1 1 V — rj I V — J V_ l„ \^\ \ V> 1 1 !-• ♦ IN// \ 

rUnCil: IN/A 

ECM 200 

K. 1 / A 

Jaw: A 





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Thinking Outside the ine Box 

I've often written that if we 
think conventionally when it 
comes to solving problems 
for our customers, then at the 
very best, we can expect only con- 
ventional results, and convention- 
al acceptance of our ideas. If we 
dare to think beyond convention 
and take a what-if approach to cre- 
ating solutions for our customers, 
sometimes the results can be 
spectacularly profitable. 

First, let me say this: Not 
every job you do, or are asked to 
do will require thinking outside 
of the box - although it doesn't 
hurt to think that way. Most of 
the time, the solutions we pro- 
vide are easily accomplished by 
working within established 
norms. That is, repairing or 
replacing problem hardware with 

readily available hardware with 
accepted, comfortable, and very 
conventional methods. 

Where we can really shine and 
really impress our customers is 
when they ask us if there is a way 
to do something that even they 
know is unusual. Then like the 
creative folks we can be, come up 
with a solution to satisfy that cus- 
tomer's particular needs. 

So, what does a double door 
refrigerator, a Simplex 2000-15 
keyless entry access unit, a 
door closer, a large, LB (2-1/2" 
diameter) electrical conduit box 
with cover, and a used panic 
device have in common? (See 
photograph 1.) 

To find out, you're going to 
have to read the article. 

1. A Simplex 

2000-15, a door 

closer, a large, 

LB electrical 

conduit box 

with cover, and 

a used panic 


Sf Vvvj 

"Door Closer* r 

m i 







Okay, here's the scenario: The 
pharmacists at a local hospital 
called me to discuss a couple of 
problems he was having-includ- 
ing a pending visit by the State 
regulatory board. One of his 
problems was a side-by-side 
refrigerator in the O/R suite and 
a 'drug cabinet' on the Surgical 
Recovery floor. 

First the refrigerator: The 
large (22 cubic ft.) refrigerator 
was a side-by-side model, and 
since it had a handle for each 
door to secure it, a chain and pad- 
lock was used. (See photograph 
2.) Workable, but not practical, 
and definitely not something the 
inspectors were going to accept 
when they saw it. 

The pharmacist wanted me to 
figure out how to secure the door 
with a non keyed lock, and make 
the door close and lock by itself. 

2, The large (22 cubic ft.) refrig- 
erator used a chain and padlock 
to secure. 

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3, A large 2-1/2" diameter right 
angle electrical LB conduit box. 

Initially, I began looking at 
electronics for the locking mech- 
anism and figured on the normal 
self-closing feature of the refrig- 
erator door to do the latching. So, 
I climbed outside of the box and 
looked for a creative way to solve 
this problem. 

I decided on a Simplex 2000-15 
Series Keyless Access Control 
Unit as the primary means of 
unlocking the refrigerator. To 
lock it, I rummaged around in my 
box," and found the head of an 
old panic exit device that would 
work with the Simplex. I bought 
a large 2-1/2" diameter right 
angle electrical LB conduit box 

4. I first measured from the edge 
of the door to the molded shelving. 

with a cover. (See photograph 3.) 
I also purchased a really neat 
small door closer (not the storm 
door variety) and a few other 
odds and ends. By the way, I only 
had to secure the refrigerator 
door, not the freezer door. 

To locate the drill point of the 
hole needed for the tailpiece of 
the Simplex 2000-15 to go 

5. Kelly drilled a pilot hole and 
the 1"hole. 

through the door, I first meas- 
ured from the edge of the door to 
the molded shelving. (See photo- 
graph 4.) To that, I added the 2- 
3/4" backset I wanted for the 
panic device, and then I trans- 
ferred that measurement to the 
front of the door. After some very 
careful measuring, my son Kelly 
and I figured out where the lock 
needed to be mounted and 




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April 2004 • 39 

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6. Kelly cutting away the shelving 
with a Dremel Tool®. 

9. Mounted the LB box and 
2"x4" shim. 

drilled a pilot hole and the 1" 
hole we wanted for the tailpiece 
of the 2000-15 to operate 
through. (See photograph 5.) 

After Kelly carefully cut the 
hole through the door, the insula- 
tion, and the shelving inside the 
door, I placed the LB box against 
the shelving and made a rough 
outline of the material needed to 
be removed from the door. 
Photograph 6, shows Kelly cutting 

7. Kelly is removing the insula- 
tion from the inside of the door. 

10. A cover to conceal the work- 
ing mechanism. 

away the shelving with a Dremel 
Tool®. In photograph 7, Kelly is 
removing the insulation from the 
inside of the door. Photograph 8, 
shows the insulation removed 
from the door and the one-inch 
hole that was drilled. In photo- 
graph 9, you can see where we 
have mounted the LB box and 
2"x4" shim and continued the tail- 
piece hole through the door. 

We secured the LB box and 
the two-by-four with two carriage 
bolts. The reason I used the large 
LB box was to strengthen the 
wall of the door around the latch- 
ing mechanism and the Simplex. 
With the legs cut off of the LB 
box, and a large notch cut out of 

8. Insulation removed from the 
door and the one-inch hole. 

Continued on page 42 

1 1. The 2"x4" was through bolted 
from the front of the door. 

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uontmuea rrom page 4U 

yfl 1 

12. We cut a notch in both the LB 
and the plastic shelving. 



f 5. There is a backing plate 
behind the strike. 

its side, the box imparts a degree 
of rigidity to the door that was 
otherwise unobtainable. 

If you look at the right hand 
side of the LB box, you can see 
where we put the cutout for the 
latch of the panic device. It is the 
LB box that gives the whole proj- 
ect a base that would allow the 
proper functioning of the lock. It 
also allowed for a cover to con- 
ceal the working mechanism and 
keep curious fingers out of 
harm's way. (See photograph 10.) 

To place the latch at the proper 
inset to latch behind the strike as 
required, I used a piece of 2"x4" 
to act as a shim. The 2"x4" was 
through bolted from the front of 
the door with one of the bolts 
placed through the mounting 
plate of the Simplex. (See photo- 
graph 11.) The other carriage 
bolt head is further down in the 
photograph. See the red arrows. 
The black arrow in photograph 
11 points two one of the four 




13. Clearance for the strike 
was cut. 


II i 


■I ' 4 

16. The Simplex 2000-15 body on 
the mounting plate. 

mounting screws that would nor- 
mally hold the mounting plate to 
a door's surface. In this case, 
because of the heavy plastic of 
the LB connector and the 2"x4" 
shim, I used 2" pan head, self- 
drilling screws to penetrate the 
metal skin of the door, the LB box 
and into the 2x4. With the car- 
riage bolts shown in photograph 

11, also holding the plate and 2x4 
to the door, I don't think the lock 
will be easily compromised by a 
forceful entry attempt. 

The shelving and the junction 
box had to be cut to allow room 
for the door to pass the strike 
and allow the latch to engage the 
strike. If you look at photograph 

12, you can see how we cut a 
notch in both the LB and the 
plastic shelving. Arrows point to 

14. 1 cut the edge of the shelving 
to make the notch for the strike. 

1 7. We epoxied the shelving to the 
box and stabilized the shelving. 

the top and bottom of the cut 
made to allow clearance for the 
strike as shown in photograph 13. 
Interestingly enough, when I cut 
the edge of the shelving to make 
the notch for the strike, that 
allowed the flimsy shelving 
(which is molded from one piece 
of plastic) to flare outward and I 
had to screw those edges into the 
lid of LB junction box. You can 
see what I did in photograph 14. 

Before mounting the Simplex 
body, we mounted the strike as 
shown in photograph 15. After test- 
ing the lock and strike, and making 
necessary adjustments to the 
strike, we through bolted the strike 
to the wall between the refrigerator 
and the freezer compartments. You 
can also see in photograph 15, that 
there is a backing plate behind the 

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18. We had to cut away the overhang of the shelving panel. 

strike. That was placed there to 
give the wall behind the strike 
more rigidity and help keep the 
plastic in the wall from cracking 
when the locked door was yanked 
on. To further enhance the rigidity 
of the wall at the strike zone, I 
placed a similar piece of metal in 
the freezer compartment and 

through-bolted the backing plate to 
that. Overall, it's a fairly stable and 
strong strike installation. 

The final part of the lock 
assembly was to place the 
Simplex 2000-15 body on the 
mounting plate. (See photograph 
16.) Then lock it in place with 
the key, and test the combination 

19. Using long 3/16" bolts we 
through-bolted the closer. 



20. We painted the mounting 
plate to match the appliance 
white of the refrigerator. 

to make sure the latch would 
retract when the thumb turn of 
the lock was activated after enter- 
ing the proper combination. 

Finally, we placed the cover 
on the LB conduit box and 
replaced the trim on the shelf. 
On the shelving against the LB 
box, we epoxied the shelving to 



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April 2004 • 43 

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21. The closer 

23. The completed LB junction box. 

the box and stabilized the shelv- 
ing so it was still useable. (See 
photograph 17.) Next, we used a 
little spray paint to try and blend 
the epoxy and our repairs in as 
best we could. 

Installing the Closer 

The next step was to mount the 
closer to the door. It's interesting 
to note that every closer Fve 
mounted prior to this one, Fve 
been able to stand facing the door 
and header of the jamb and mount 
the closer. In this case we had to 
mount the closer with the arm 
attached and then determine 
where the arm would mount in the 
ceiling of the refrigerator. You'll 
see what I mean in a moment. 

First, we had to cut away the 
overhang of the shelving panel at 
the top of the door so the closer 
would mount flush against the 

22. The Header Mounting 
Bracket secured to the top of the 

24. The completed panic hard- 
ware latch installed. 

door. (See photograph 18.) 
Holding the closer in place 
against the door, we marked our 
through bolt holes placed an alu- 
minum reinforcement plate 
between the shelving wall and 
the insulation in the door and 
drilled out holes. Using long 
3/16" bolts we through-bolted 
the closer to the closer mounting 
plate. (See photograph 19.) (The 
mounting plate was on the out- 
side of the door.) We then 
secured the closer, ground the 
bolts off flush with the mounting 
plate and painted the mounting 
plate to match the appliance 
white of the refrigerator. (See 
photograph 20.) 

Photograph 21, shows the clos- 
er mounted, with the cover and 
the rough cuts in the door's 
shelving epoxied and painted 
over. When mounting the closer, 
we did not clean out the insula- 
tion like we did for the LB box. 
What I did to help stabilize every- 
thing and keep the closer from 
rocking on the insulation when 

44 • Visit 

25. The competed latch and 
push-button lock assembly. 

the door was being opened, was 
to insert an aluminum plate 
behind the closer and between 
the plastic shelving and the insu- 
lation. With the through-bolts 
drawn up tightly, the closer is sta- 
ble and will not move when the 
door is opened. 

With the closer in position, we 
now had to secure the header 
mounting bracket to the top of 
the refrigerator. With the door 
open and the arm in a standard 
parallel arm position, we meas- 
ured the distance from the inside 
edge of the door and out from 
the wall of the door to the pivot 
point of the header mounting 
bracket. (See photograph 22) We 
transferred those measurements 
to the inside top of the refrigera- 
tor and temporarily secured the 
mounting bracket with two self- 
taping screws. 

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The first time the door would 
not quite close all the way, so we 
moved the mounting bracket 
back about 2" and again, tem- 
porarily secured it. This time the 
door worked perfectly and with a 
slight adjustment to the closing 
speed, latched properly. 

At that point we removed the 
screws holding the bracket (the 
inner top of the refrigerator was 
plastic) and through drilled up 
and out of the top of the refriger- 
ator. Then we re-secured the 
mounting bracket using longer 
bolts and large fender washers 
with self-locking nuts to hold it all 
together. Of course we trimmed 
off the excess bolt length and 
made sure all sharp edges were 
ground down smooth. 

Photograph 23, shows the com- 
pleted LB junction box from the 
inside of the door (we did not 
paint the LB since the paint 
would probably have peeled in 
short order as the PVC the LB 

was made of was hard and glossy. 
Photograph 24, shows the com- 
pleted panic hardware latch 
installed. Photograph 25, shows 
the competed latch and lock 
assembly from the outside. 

This job was very unconven- 
tional. Yes, I did use conventional 
hardware and conventional parts 
to accomplish the job, but it was 
the way I put the packages 
together that qualifies for uncon- 
ventional status. 

On the other hand, the profits 
for these two jobs were on the 
extraordinary side as well. 
Why? Because any customer 
that has a special need is always 
willing to pay a premium to the 
person who can fill that need in 
a creative way. 

What was very interesting 
about this job was, I had no 
guidelines to follow. No tem- 
plates (except for the 9600 cabi- 
net lock) and nothing more than 
my willingness to try a little 

"Flow Engineering". That is, 
Kelly and I made it up as we 
went along. 

So, how would you have 
accomplished this customer's 
goal and met their require- 
ments? What would you have 
used and how would you have 
used it? Remember that we 
ruled out electronics because of 
potential problems in the event 
of a power failure. 

Send me your ideas, maybe 
some drawings or a photograph 
or two and I'll see if I can't turn 
them into a Technitip or article. 
Send them to me at: Jake 
Jakubuwski, c/o The National 
Locksmith, 1533 Burgundy 
Parkway, Streamwood, IL 60607. 
Or, you can email them to me at Either 
way, be sure to include your name, 
telephone number and physical 
street address. 

See y'all next month. EH 




Track your calls 
on your computer. 

* Create it. 

* Track it. 

* Print it. 

* E-mail it to techs. 

* Store it to build 
service history. 

* Invoice it. 

Starting at $250.00 

For more info mnd a fVee demo 

call 561-T14-5240 

or visit 

Circle 337 on Rapid Reply 

What goes into more than 200 years of Italian 



ami mi 


OH 1. 800.8 91. 2 lie or visit today 
to learn more about our key cutting solutions. 


W USA, Inc. 

Circle 309 on Rapid Reply 

April 2004 • 45 

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m '~*v 

\F^- J 


46 • Visit 

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D O 

=" ** IF 



\\\ r ^« 

if If iti i 

IS- * - m ft ^ JU ^ 

3 Z£ O* * a 

a ^°-* bj - <g | 

r"m m_ j£ 5^ Q ( 

a 3 * 9 aT ^* ( 

■ I * * o S : 

* 5- S 1 £ 3" * ! 

■— a * o n ^ * 
pffl 5S * : 

3 s * |jj is ! 

m 3 |flt > 



April 2004 • 47 

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Don't you just love 
things that are free? 
Admittedly, there's 
not too much that is. 
You should certainly take 
advantage of that which is, 
especially when the free item 
is informative, educational, 
and useful. That's why 
acquiring free literature 
and brochures supplied by 
manufacturers and distributors 
should be something you 
definitely add to your library. 
They're great sources of 
reference and information, and 
all you have to do to receive 
the following offerings is ask 
for them. How simple is that? 

M.A.G. Security 

M.A.G. Security provides a 
full-line of quality door & 
window security hardware 
products that security 
professionals can rely on. 
M.A.G. is proud to introduce 
over 200 new items that 
complement their existing 
door reinforcers, latch guards, 
strikes, filler plates, patio & 
window locks. The latest 
addition to their product line 
is architectural hardware that 
encompasses kick plates, 
push & pull plates, door & 
wall stops, surface bolts and 
much much more. 

For more information call: 800- 
624-9942 or 714-891-5100; Web: 
www. magsecurity. com. 


Door Controls International 
catalog is a concise and 

J Dodr Controls InlirniNMal 

n ■ 

\ Calatog 

descriptive presentation of 
their products, making it 
simple and comprehensive to 
the customer. The catalog's 
general information section 
provides listings, approvals 
and product conversion data. 
Products are indexed both 
alphabetically and numerically 
for easy item location. There 
are 10 product sections 
organized for your convenience 
into related product categories, 
and a template section for all 
appropriate products. 

Visit them on the web at 
www. doorcontrols. com. 

Boyle & Chase 

Boyle & Chase's 400-page 
product catalog displays their 

48 • Visit 

Continued on page 50 

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Get it... 


Get ready for ALOA 
2004 - the biggest 
security event in the 
world! ALOA will 
land in Baltimore ' s 
famed Inner Harbor 
to stage classes, 
workshops and 
exhibits that will help 
you shine in today ' s 



' •' 

- / 

get it.. .together 

The ALOA Convention and Security Expo * Baltimore Convention Center * July 19-25, 2004 

(800)532' ALOA(2562) ■ ■ 

Circle 307 on Rapid Reply 

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Continued from page 48 

entire line of architectural 
hardware for commercial and 
residential use. Images, product 
detail and charts spell out the 
uses, styles and finishes of their 
12 lines that include ACSI, 
Baldwin, Folger Adam, Glynn- 
Johnson, Hager/Roton, Ives, 
Kaba Ilco, LCN, Locknetics, 
Omnia, Schlage and Von Duprin. 
An entire section is devoted to 
electrified door hardware. 

For your free copy, call 
800-325-2530 or e-mail 
sales@boyleandchase. com. 

PRO-LOK Catalog 

As their company has grown 
over the last 20+ years, their goal 
has been not just to maintain, but 
to actually improve the quality of 
each and every one of the 
products they make. Their 
company slogan, "Why use 
anything else?" is not just 
something they say, it's something 
they believe in very strongly. 

Call for a free copy of their 
2003-2004 catalog which shows 
full color photos of every 
product. Xacto-Grip Car Opening 
Tools and Kits, Blue Punch Key 
Machines, Inspection Lights, Key 
Decoders, Key Tags and Hooks, 
Installation Templates and Jigs, 
Safe Bits and assorted hand 
tools. New for 2003-2004 are their 

Electronic Safes, Premium 
Stainless Steel Picks and Pick 
Sets and their new All in One Car 
Opening Manual. 

For more information visit 
them on the web at 

Videx CyberLock Brochure 

The CyberLock brochure 
provides locksmiths with detailed 
information on the CyberLock 
system and how it works. It 
features many of the electronic 
lock cylinders that are available, 

- m ■ 


"i *. 


'] lie 1 .Dck on Intelligence 



I^- t*V 





t*M a$M 







a CyberAudit software overview, 
CyberKey Authorizer information, 
and a sample "audit trail of events" 
report. Videx offers free sales 
materials and tools which include 
CyberLock live application case 
studies, posters and descriptive 
PowerPoint CD's for sales 
presentations. Technical support 
and sales training are always 
available from Videx at no charge. 

For more information contact 
them at 

STI Protective Guards 

Protective covers to help 
prevent vandalism to fire pull 
stations, smoke detectors, 
horn/strobes, access controls, 
keypads, etc. Multi-purpose push 
buttons available in red, blue, 
green, yellow or white. Heated 

covers for strobes. Wire cages 
for PIR's, smoke detectors, 
exit signs and warehouse lights. 
Exit alarms to help prevent 
unauthorized exits or entries 
through emergency doors. Most 
are UL/cUL listed. 

Visit them on the web at 


A brochure from DORMA 
Architectural Hardware showcases 
the company's wide range of door 
hardware products, including 
locks, door closers, low-energy 
operators, exit devices 
and electronic access control 
hardware. Designed to simplify 
product selection, the color 
brochure highlights product 
features and benefits, suggested 
applications, available finishes 
and various installation options. 

For more information call 
DORMA at (800) 523-8483 or 

50 • Visit 

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KEEDEX manufactures a wide 
variety of products for the 
locksmith, safe technician & 
access control specialist. The 
KEEDEX Catalog includes shop 
tools, safe tools and automotive 


Armored frcw Loops 

Cylinder Hjunrd-t 

IrrtUllAlian Templates 

HwktmMh T&olS 


SoPA Dull BrH 

infr; Dfillkag hhg 

Tamper RraraCanE Screws 

wa-wmn* G*te BOX** 

A Mara... 

(U tfi 6 II 


tools. Keedex manufactures 
more than eighty different 
models of weldable gate boxes. 
Access control products include: 
Armored Door Loops & the Door 
Laser Jig. The Door Laser Jig is 
KEEDEX' s newest product; it is 
used for core drilling doors. 

Visit the KEEDEX website at 

34-Page Catalog 

Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., 
Inc. has a free 34-page catalog 
outlining all types of metal 








marking equipment. Included 
with every catalog is a free 
length of impression ruler and 
complete price lists. The catalog 
has several pages dedicated to 
character styles and character 
data. The next 31 pages show 
and describe various type of 
marking equipment. Numbering 
heads, hand held and press 
mount, hand stamps, type and 
typeholders, numbering & 
lettering presses and small 
bench presses. There are also 

numerous other types of 
marking equipment. 

See them on the web at 
www. numberall. com. 

Steck Manufacturing Co. 

The Steck Manufacturing 
Company Catalog contains 
Steck's complete line of 
automotive and lockout tools 
including the "BigEasy" and 
Steck's complete line of 
traditional lockout tools. Also 

Introducing the NEW 

JB Open Voice Color Video 

The new JB Open vo«ce frtor Video series was designed for ease tf use while providing exceptional 
viewing and communication capabilities Door call-in turns the image on instantly with audio monitoring . 
Then, by simply pressing the large talk button, the hands^iea VOX communication between tfoor steton 
end monitor is initialed The 3 5" totor TFT monitor snows for tnsp- viewing even m low light seflirrgs 
using the buill-in door station LEO illuminators. 






V.W.QT Still Dn 


Door Saban Dear SMftort 



To leem more a&otf A*hon* solutons, visH wwwalpfton^.»m/ril04.hftnri 

Products You Can Cvunl On. A Name You Can Trust 


Leotlhtg the Way 

Circle 304 on Rapid Reply 

April 2004* 51 

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learn about Steck's invention 
submission program that pays 
royalties to inventors who send 
in new tool ideas that Steck 
develops and uses. 

For more information contact 
Steck at (800) 227-7325. 

2004 Education Catalog 

In addition to their tool catalog, 
MBA USA, Inc. now offers a 
separate catalog devoted to your 
training needs. MBA has gradually 
added new classes over the past few 


years, many of which are not 
available anywhere else. These 
include four new courses specially 
developed for covert lock specialists, 
including 'Tactical Locksmithing" 
and 'Tactical Safe Locks". 

You can reach MBA at (888) 

Inkas Safe Mfg. 

Inkas Safe Manufacturing is 
pleased to provide an updated 
catalog introducing several new 
products. These items include B 
rates, File Cabinets, Fire Safes and 
Floor Safes in a variety of sizes. 

Inkas new products are consistent 
in both quality and competitive 
pricing to maintain the integrity of 
their current product line. Expect 
more additions to the line in 2004. 

Contact them at 


For over 140 years Kaba has 
stood for strong, powerful 
security solutions. Kaba's 
worldwide operations serve 
millions of customers in more 
that 150 countries with a 
comprehensive set of products 
and services. More that 6500 
Kaba employees, located in 20 
counties, are working to maintain 
the highest levels of customer 
satisfaction. They continue to 
grow and expand their vision of 
Total Access; the integration of 

all access control from door 
hardware to electronic access. 

For more information visit 
them on the web at www.kaba- 

Gil-Ray Tools 

Gil-Ray Tools has been 
sharpening and manufacturing 
new OEM replacement cutters 
for over 58 years. They feature 
many of their cutters on their 
Internet website. 

CHI-Ri) TwJi Inr. k*> MkMim < wlUr SMrpcmny & 

i K* FWtali * $CPrKt» 

-.1 -J V -.-. ->.'. * 

For information call Gil-Ray 
Tools at (989) 892-6870; Web: 
www. angelfire. com/biz/ GilRay 

Lectro-Truck Catalog 

The Lectro-Truck is a machine 
designed to lift and manipulate safes 
up to 1500 pounds. This information 
shows how the Lectro-Truck, along 
with some accessories, makes your 
installations safer and easier. You 
can see a panel-by-panel succession 
on how the Lectro-Truck works, 

52 • Visit 

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and they will show you all the 
different models and accessories 
that are offered. 

Call them at (800) 619-0625 
or email at information@lectro- with national locksmith 
literature in the subject line to get 
your free copy. 

Indiana Cash Drawer Co. 

Indiana offers a full line of 
manual and electronic cash drawers 


known through the industry for 
performance and reliability. 
Choose the electronic SLD series 
with a steel case and high-impact 
plastic cover, or the EL series 
made out of hardwood. They're 
designed to last, transaction 
after transaction and year after 
year. Their distinctive manual 
cash drawers allow no strings 
attached portability. They are 
proud to offer the broadest line 
of manually-activated cash 
drawers in the industry. 

For more information call 
(800) 227-4379. 

Federal Lock Co. 

Federal Lock has for over the 
last 10 years supplied security 
padlocks to the professional 
locksmith. Federal Lock 
manufactures high security solid 
steel, solid brass and solid 
aluminum padlocks that are 
rekeyable and easy to service. 
Federal Lock manufactures door 
key compatible, interchangeable 

core, and shackleless hardened 
steel round padlocks. Federal 
Lock also offers laminated, 
resettable combination, utility 
solid brass, and stainless steel 
shrouded padlocks. Federal 
offers padlocks to meet all of 
your customers needs. 

For more information or to get 
a copy of their catalog, call (888) 

NAPCO Catalog 

The NAPCO Security Group is 
proud to introduce the brand new 
2003/04 full line catalog. The 26- 
page, full color catalog features its 
highly-acclaimed products. Their 
products include the Gemini 
hybrid control panels, keypads, 
transmitters & receivers and 
introduces the Gemini K-series 
keypads with easy "Stay" and 
"Away" functions. Included in the 
catalog is the Gemini K4RF 
Keypad with built in wireless 
receiver. The catalog also depicts 
NAPCO's broad line of PIR, PIR 

i * BUrM 

^H.>, 1 1 -\ 1 
He" J | 


NAPCO ~^1 











in e | 



«■ , ■ 
U -43- 
O u 






and earn a Cf Jmfffifl JIas a SiCtimY MAHAGMENT COOBBMWB 
while earning COLLEGE CREDITS at LSI. 

May 3 14 
July 12-23 
Sept. U-24 

t5G A Credit Hours 

e H competent technician 
who can . Lfn, 

Lroubleshool & master hey any 
industrial key lock system 

2004 Catalog Now Available. 

LSI 130 4 Credit Hours 

i p.irruo sticcessfufcly service, 
maintain, perform zwqi'. 
forced entry and repair of GSA 
Approved Security Containers. 

Circle 332 on Rapid Reply 

April 2004 • 53 

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Pet and Dual Technology Adaptive 
Sensors and Firewolf advanced 
photoelectric smoke detector. 

For more information 
visit them on the web at 
www. napcosecurity. com. 


DoorKing's new 2004 catalog 
features 56 pages of the 
company's access control, electric 
and magnetic locking devices, and 
vehicular gate operating products. 



1 P 9 


' i 1 I 

The catalog is divided into four 
sections and is indexed allowing 
customers to easily locate 
information on the products that 
they have interest in. 

For more information 
visit them on the web at 
www. doorking. com. 

Framon Catalog 

If you're looking for key 
machines, locksmith tools or 
software, request Framon's 2004 

paper catalog or CD-Rom. 
The CD-Rom also contains their 
video that details all of their key 
machines, as well as a trial version 
of their Genericode ME program. 

Please specify paper catalog or 
CD-Rom with your request, which 
can be emailed to 
or by phone at (989) 354-5623. 

Monaco Lock 

Monaco Lock Company, Inc. is 
now circulating its newest catalog 
called "Redefining Security for Over 
Three Decades." This volume 13 
catalog has more product 
descriptions, exploded views and 
parts breakdowns and a spiral 

binding to make it easier to handle. 
The digital format version on CD 
will help you find products by 
manufacturer with greater ease and 
in less time. Individual pages may 
be printed out or you may work 
directly from your computer screen. 

Call (800) 526-6094 to request 
your copy. 

Illinois Lock Co. 

Illinois Lock Company is a 
leading producer of remote entry 
lock systems, custom engineered 
keyless locks, electric switch 
locks, high security locks, weather 
resistant locks, special purpose 
lock designs, wire harness lock 
assemblies, and ball bearing 
slides. Their technology, 
engineering talent and exceptional 
manufacturing capabilities allow 
them to design and produce the 
best in high quality security 

products and components. With 
over seventy years of experience 
in lock design and manufacturing, 
their engineered solutions are as 
diverse as the markets they serve. 

Visit them on the web 
www. illinoislock. com. 


Adrian Steel Catalog 

From its beginning in 1953 
Adrian Steel Company has 
grown to become a leading 
manufacturer of commercial van 
and pickup equipment. Backed 
by a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty 

54 • Visit 

and a network of distributors 
nation wide, Adrian Steel is your 
one stop shop for your working 
van or truck. 

For a free catalog call: 800-677- 
2726 or visit 


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,;ju uiJijjjjDiJi, 

■ -■ ' ' * ■ Available in 31 keyways-the most 

in the industry. 

■ 6 One piece OEM quality tailpieces. 

■ Drilled 6, pinned 5 standard. 

■ Repinnable into aN OEM systems 
including Grand Master Keying. 

■ Manufactured from so J id brass. 

■ Made in the U.S.A. 

For Armc Models: 
Ilea 1539 Cylinder. 

Kaba llco Corp. 


Circle 327 on Rapid Reply 

A Membw of the KABA Group 

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DORMA's DE3000 



In general, exit devices exist 
to allow people to exit a 
building easily. (That's not 
surprising given their name.) 
Depressing a device's touch bar 
releases a latch or latches and 
permits the door to open. 

There are instances, 
however, when immediate 
exiting is not desired. Operators 
of healthcare centers for 
patients with Alzheimer's 
disease and 
wards, for 
example, need 
to restrict 
egress for the 
protection of 
its residents. 
owners do 
not want 
walking off 

with merchandise from an 
unsupervised back door. 
Facility managers want to make 
sure that emergency exits are 
used for emergencies only, not 
everyday use. 

To deter people from exiting, 
the building's owner, security 
consultant or locksmith will 
frequently recommend an 
alarmed, delayed egress exit 
device, such as the DE9000 
exit device from DORMA 
Architectural Hardware. 

[5oo photograph 1.] A person 
who depresses the touchbar will 
start either a one or three-second 
nuisance alarm. If the touchbar is 
released during that time the 
nuisance alarm stops. If the 
touchbar is continued to be 
depressed and held after the 
nuisance alarm, the DE9000's 
touch bar will start an 
irreversible delay alarm for the 
remaining time of thel5-second 

ESIOO power s< 
DEDOOO delayed 

upply, ESI OS power transfer, 
egress exit device. 

delay mode, during which 
time the door remains locked. 
This is accompanied by an 
audible alarm or alert on a 
central security system. 

Following the delay, the 
device releases the latch bolts 
and permits movement through 
the opening. However, the delay 
period usually offers time 
for attendants, supervisors, 
managers, or security personnel 
to hurry to the door and 
determine whether the person 

is authorized to exit, or to 
witness the attempted egress 
on a monitor and take 
appropriate action. 

Because of the electronics 
associated with delayed egress 
exit devices, some locksmiths 
might view their installation as 
daunting. The reality is far from 
it. You don't need a degree in 
electrical engineering. Products 
such as the DE9000 exit device 
require only a general knowledge 
of wiring and the skilled hands of 
a professional locksmith. 

Evaluate First, 
Install Second 

As with any exit device 
installation job, start by 
examining the door, the doorway, 
the door hanging system, and the 
door controlling system. In other 
words, make sure the door 
operates properly — its door 
closer functions and the door is 
seated firmly in the jamb when 
closed. Evaluate the door type. 
On hollow metal and aluminum 
storefront doors, you'll probably 
be able to drop the wiring 
through the door. With a wood 
door, you will need to create a 
raceway from the ES105 Power 
Transfer to the tailpiece of 
DE9000 Exit Device. 

Open the package and read 
the instructions. This cannot be 

56 • Visit 

Continued on page 58 

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J"JI 95 

r \ 


^1 L/s^ Codes Codes Codes 

most Domestic, Japanese, and 
Korean Car Codes are now built in. 

Windows™ interface for built 
in masterhey system printing 
and sauing 

Domestic car codes included 
Both 12 uolt and 120 uolt 
usage standard 
One cutter emulates all flat 

Tour line display with menus 
RS232 communication port 
Repeatable accuracy +7-.002 
1 year parts and labor war- 

Ouer 500 maufacturers depths 
and spaces built in 
finds, loads and cuts a car key 
in 15 seconds 

Call for introductory Uideo 

Phone: (888) 264-6627 

USR: (562) 699-0060 



Seruing industry with superior key machines since 1985 

2639- B Progressive UJay 
Rbbotsford, 8.C. 

Circle 323 on Rapid Reply 


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Continued from page 56 

stressed enough. More than 
three-quarters of all calls for 
technical assistance can be 
avoided (and remedied more 
quickly without time-consuming 
call backs) by reading the 
instructions. Make sure you 
understand all the steps, 
components and tools required 
for the job. 

Start by installing the exit 
device on the door according 
to the instructions. 
Use the template provided 
to ensure accurate 
placement of the device 
and mounting holes. 
(DE9000 templates and 
installation instructions 
can also be found at 
Make sure it is 
functioning mechanically 
as a normal exit device 
before dealing with the 
electrical components. 

A quick word regarding 
the use of surface rods — 
they are not viable for a 
security exit device. 
Vandals can easily access 
the latch mechanism — 
even when the rods have 
covers over them — and 
exit without depressing 
the touch bar and 
engaging the delay or 
alarm. DORMA does not 
offer a surface rod configuration 
(DORMA 9400) with the DE9000 
device. Avoid other products that 
do. Opt for concealed rods or a 
rim or mortise device instead. 

Power Moves 

You will need to install a 
DORMA ES100 Power Supply so 
the locking mechanism and built- 
in alarm will work. [See 
photograph Z.] This power 
supply is a 24-volt, 3-amp unit that 
delivers surge output to control 
the solenoid located in the touch 

ESIOO power supply. 

DE3000 relay board. 

ES105 power transfer. 

bar and rail assembly. [See 
photograph J.] If the distance 
from the DE9000 Exit Device to 
the ES100 Power Supply is within 
a 25-foot radius, 18-gauge wire is 
recommended. If that distance is 
between 25 and 50 feet, 16-gauge 
wire is recommended. 

Mount the power supply in a 
location that is out of sight and 
reach, such as a drop ceiling (but 
keep it accessible enough for 
possible service needs). An 
uninterruptible backup power 
supply is recommended to 
ensure security during outages. 

For aesthetic and security 
purposes, we suggest using the 
ES105 power transfer unit with 
steel housing and flexible tube. 
[See photograph 4.] This 
narrow, shallow channel easily 
mortises into the frame and into 
the door edges. It accepts up to 
5 /i6 M diameter wire bundle and 
accommodates doors that swing 
open 120 degrees. Secure and 
inconspicuous, the channel 
reliably brings power through 
the frame to the door and exit 
device. The unit is 
concealed when the door 
is closed. 

To connect the DE9000 
exit device to the power 
supply, first make sure 
the power supply is 
disconnected from 
its high-voltage power 
source. Take the common 
wire from the power 
supply and connect it to 
the black wire (negative 
contact found in the filler 
piece attached to the relay 
board) of the DE9000. The 
power supply's positive 
wire mates with the red 
wire on the DE9000. [See 
photograph 5.] Upon 
delivering power to 
the unit, the following 
functions are available. 

Nuisance Alarm — 

The nuisance alarm, 

with a steady warning 

tone, deters inadvertent 

activation of the device when the 

touchbar is depressed. Releasing 

the touchbar before the 

5. Connecting power supplies. 

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predefined nuisance alarm time 
of 1 or 3-seconds terminates the 
alarm, and the device returns to 
the armed mode. Depressing the 
touchbar longer than the 
predefined time will initiate the 
15-second irreversible delay 
cycle. The 1 or 3-second nuisance 
alarm time is included in the 15- 
second irreversible delay time. 
The nuisance alarm time is 
factory set for three seconds, but 
may be changed to one second 
by removing a jumper on J5 on 
the controller board. A 30-second 
delay option is available, however 
written approval is required from 
the authority having jurisdiction. 

Indicator LED — Status 
for the DE9000 can be 
determined by the indicator 
LED, which is visible in varied 
lighting conditions. When the 
device is disarmed for an 
extended time in the bypass 
mode, the LED will maintain a 
slow green flash. To reactivate 
the DE9000 from the bypass 
mode, authorized egress needs 
to be activated. The DE9000 will 
re-arm in 10 or 20-seconds 
determined by whether the J6 
Jumper is on (10 seconds) or 
removed (20-seconds). When 
activated for authorized egress, 
the LED displays a rapid 
green flash until the device 
automatically rearms. When the 
touchbar is depressed for exit, 
the nuisance alarm will sound 
while the LED remains solid 
green. [5oo photograph E.] In 
the 15-second irreversible delay 
cycle, the LED turns solid yellow. 
[5oo photograph 7.] In the 
alarm state, the LED is solid red. 
[Sob photograph BJ 

Key Switch Control — 

This integral key switch provides 
the means to locally rearm the 
device from the alarm state, 
disarm for authorized egress, 
and set the device for the bypass 
feature. A mortise cylinder 
(DORMA 90 X 10 DC 118) 
is supplied with the device. 
[5oo photograph 5.] 

Nuisance alarm 
(Solid Green]. 

15-second delay (Amber J. 

B. Alarm {Red}. 

Rearmed [Green J under 
hey switch control. 

Continued on page 62 
































SOSS -^ 





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Unmistakable elegance. Unbeatable security. Incredible 
opportunity. Medeco offers the only residential lockset with 
a UL 437 rating and patented key control, Our high-qualrty 
forged brass components are assembled at Medeco to our 
exacting specifications and are guaranteed for a lifetime*. 
Medeco Residential A flawless reflection of strength and 
beauty — welcome in any neighborhood. For more 
information about Medeco Residential products, visit us at or call us at 1-800-839-3157. 

"Lifetime guarantee against manufacturers defects when used In residential applications. 


P.O. Bok 3075, Salem, Virginia 24153-0330 I Customer Service: 1 -800-839-31 57 I www medeco com 

20Q4. Medeco High Security Locks. ln C 

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Continued from page 59 

Wired for options 

The DE9000 delayed egress 
exit device offers a variety of 
options to add security and 
functionality to the opening. 

The exit device has several 
terminal block connections 
extended from the 22" wire 
"pigtail." They are color coded to 
allow easy connection with 
wiring from remote locations or 
central security stations. [See 
illustration A.] 

Additional features and field- 
selectable options include: 

Local or Remote 

Alarm — The device has an 
internal 85 dB alarm which will 
sound indefinitely in the alarm 
state until the device is reset. 
Additionally, two relays (Green 
Wire N/O, Brown Wire Com.) 
and (Blue Wire N/O, Yellow Wire 
Com.) with normally open 
contacts are provided for 
activating external local or remote 
audible/visual signaling devices. 

Remote Authorized 
Egress — This function (White 
Wire) allows override of the 
device in the armed state. The 
device will unlock for egress and 
automatically rearm to the 
delayed egress mode in 10- 
seconds. A field changeable 
jumper allows a 20-second reset. 
Typical activation devices include 
DORMAs CC-400 Series remote 
consoles, DORMA's AC217 
Keypad, DORMAs K702-6 Key 
Switches, or card readers (by 
others) . This input is controlled 
with a momentary action 
normally open switch. 

Remote Rearm — Remote 
rearming (White Wire) of the 
device is allowed from the alarm 
state. Typical activation devices 
include remote consoles or key 
switches. This input is controlled 
with a momentary action 
normally open switch. Consult 
local authority having jurisdiction 
when using this feature. 

J4 ■ DPS Jumper: (For Dow Pen ton Switch. Ramcw* J^imfMr 

Input Vqhioo: 24V&0 (RoquinB ESW 
InpuL CiX^flft; 750 m* maximum 
MOTE: ttookupwJm HOT Included. 



In = i HKondi 
Oil = 1 IHXJnd 

Conrado* kx#l«d *raid* or tmi. 

fM+t do** ncf mod lo tw ramauwJ 1o make 
WfiftKUsn (Qnfo US r*W* J4 OPS lumpflfl 
nxJln- winnx Ihrcugh and cup brnefcrf nro thrugTi 
hn*e m *»f in- *iednc hrfio* v po«*r tnjn?^. « 
Vttnrf- MOuM 4^d £40 bfKkiO 10 66W wtlh 

Illustration >4. 


Input — An 

input (Gray Wire 

N/C, Violet 

Wire Com.) for 

use with an 

external door 

position switch is 

provided. This 

input switch is a 


action normally 

closed contact. 

The device 



with the contact opening. The door is 

prohibited from being forced or held 

open unauthorized while the 

device is armed. The authorized 

egress and bypass functions ignore 

the door position input for 

authorized exit or entrance. 

Get m Fix On it 

Invariably, installation issues 
crop up from time to time. Here 
are some of the most common 
problems encountered in the field. 

Exit Device Installation: 

Mechanical problems with the 
door and exit device will prevent 
the delay and alarm system from 
working properly. Make sure 
concealed rods and latching 

B4 VDC wire connection. 

mechanisms are mechanically 
working and that the door is 
seated correctly. The DE9000 
Delayed Egress Exit Device must 
work correctly prior to connecting 
the electrical applications. 

Reversed Wires: Installers 
sometimes inadvertently reverse 
the wires from the power supply 
to the device. Interchange them. 
The Black Wire (Negative) must 
be connected to the Negative 
Terminal of the DORMA ES100 
Power Supply. The Red Wire 
(Positive) must be connected to 
the Positive Wire of The DORMA 
ES100 Power Supply. There 
MUST be a Jumper Wire installed 
in the DORMA ES100 Power 

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11. Jumper wire to trigger. 

Supply Trigger input for 
power to flow from Positive and 
Negative Terminals. 

If Output 1 & 2 of the DORMA 
ES100 Power Supply is being 
used [see photograph JO] to 
power an ES9000 Delayed Egress 
Exit Device, a Jumper wire needs 
to connect Terminals 3 & 4. [See 
photograph 11.] If Output 5 & 6 
of the DORMA ES100 Power 
Supply is being used to power an 
ES9000 Delayed Egress Exit 
Device a Jumper wire needs to 
connect Terminals 7 & 8. 

■e Damage: On hollow 
metal frames and hollow metal 
doors, if you are not careful, you 
can scrape the plastic insulation off 
the wires when pulling them 
through the holes, which can cause 
an electrical short circuit. Be careful 
when pulling them and check the 
insulation if failure occurs. 

Multiple Wire Lengths: 

Rather than using multiple 
connections to strand wire from 
the power supply to the exit 
device, run a single conductor 
between the two. You'll prevent 
the possibility of connection or 
joint failure. 

Inverted Mortise 
Cylinder: The keyway part of 
the cylinder should point toward 
the touchbar and rail assembly 
when installed. Don't put the 
mortise cylinder cam inside the 
channel that is used to arm and 
disarm the DE9000. Keep it outside 

the channel so 
the keystroke 
movement will 
travel almost 
360 degrees in 
order to activate 
the contact. 


Double check 
your wiring if 
the device is not 
properly with 
your control and 
security system. 
DORMA helped 
eliminate that problem using color- 
coded pigtails to connect with your 
system. Also, make sure you use 
wire nuts, or that you solder and 
use heat shrinkable tubing. 
Do not use telephone gel type 
crimp connectors. 

Working For a Living 

Maintaining the DE9000 exit 
device takes only an hour or so 
each year. Keep the moving parts 

such as latch bolt mechanisms 
well lubricated with lithium-based 
grease; in extreme salt and 
sand locations, use graphite. 
Periodically check the wire 
connections, making sure 
everything is tightened and wired 
together. Test the alarm and 
delay function periodically. 

While the DE9000 delayed 
egress exit device has a two-year 
warranty, it can provide a many 
years of reliable service if 
installed and maintained correctly. 

For more information contact 
DORMA Architectural Hardware 
at: Phone: 800-523-8483 or 717- 
336-3881; Fax: 717-336-2106; E- 

Michael Messner is 
the Technical Services 
Representative for DORMA 
Architectural Hardware, 
DORMA Eroup North America. 








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Richard Allen 



D d 

In the fist article from the 
Ingersoll-Rand series, differ- 
ent options were covered for 
each of the three entrance doors 
used at the facility. The CM5100 
was chosen for the service doors 
because of its versatility and pro- 
gramming compatibility with the 
CT1000 that was used on the front 
entrance. Both can be managed 
and programmed by using the 
LockLink Express III software. 

Some of the interesting fea- 
tures of the software were dis- 
cussed in the January 2004 issue. 
In this article I will cover the 
insides of the CM5196 and talk 
about the options available. 

The CM 5196 that will be used 
at Ozark Refrigeration is a mem- 
ber of the CM5100 family. (See 
photograph 1.) The list of func- 
tions, models and options are list- 
ed at the end of this article. 

The CM5100 series lock is a 
stand-alone, microprocessor con- 
trolled, electromechanical lock- 
ing system. It has a heavy-duty 
mechanical design that has fewer 
moving parts than a standard 
cylindrical lockset. It is powered 
by four AA batteries that should 
last for around 80,000 cycles. 

The outside lever is normally 
locked and the inside lever is 
free to allow anyone to exit. To 
gain entry, a valid credential 
(code, Prox, etc.) must be used. 
The one exception to the creden- 
tial is an emergency mechanical 
key override. The cylinder pro- 
vided is a Schlage Everest mor- 
tise cylinder. 

Photograph 2, gives a good view 
of the outside rear of the assem- 
bly. To take a look at the insides, a 
few pieces have to be removed. 

1. The CM5196 stand-alone, 
microprocessor controlled, 
electromechanical locking sys- 
tem from Schlage. 

The retractor assembly is first 
and consists of two pieces. The 
actual retractor is held in place 
by two 9/64" Allen head screws. 
(See photograph 3.) Two #2 
Phillips head screws (see photo- 
graph 4) hold the rest of the 
assembly in place. (See photo- 
graph 5.) 

Next the mortise cylinder is 
removed with a special tool that 
is provided. (See photograph 6.) 
However, before trying to 
unscrew the nut, be sure to flat- 
ten the tab on the lock washer. 

Continued on page 66 

2. A rear view of the outside assem- 
bly shows the retractor, wiring har- 
ness and mortise cylinder. 

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72 Sharp Street. Hingham. MA 02043 Phone; 800-325-2530 B Fax: BOO-205-3S0O 
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3. The retractor 

is held in place 

with two 9/64" 

Allen head 


4. The remainder of the retractor 
assembly is held in place with 
two Phillips screws. 

5. With the two screws removed, 
this part of the assembly will fall 
into your hand. 

6. A special tool is provided to 
make removing the mortise cylin- 
der a simple task. 



7. This is the outside escutcheon 
with the outside assembly 

} A 

8. The outside assembly has two 
screws that hold it together. 

With the mortise cylinder and 
retractor assembly removed, 
there are only four Phillips 
screws remaining that hold the 
outside escutcheon to the outside 
assembly. (See photograph 7.) 

The wiring to the keypad, 
motor and mechanical key over- 
ride mechanism is inside of this 
assembly. Only two screws hold 
it together. (See photograph 8.) 

With the two screws removed, 
you can see all of the goodies 
inside. (See photograph 9.) I 
found two parts of this assembly 
interesting. The first was the 
engaging pin that allows the out- 
side lever to actually turn some- 
thing. (See photograph 10.) 

9. With the two 
removed, you 
get to see the 
good stuff! 

When engaged, the pin slips into 
a notch in the outside lever assem- 
bly. (See photograph 11.) This 
allows the outside lever to rotate 
the cam which in turn rotates the 
outside spindle. Obviously the spin- 
dle is attached to the retractor and 
so on and so on. 

In a normal locked condition, 
the pin is held up by spring pres- 
sure and would not engage the 
outside lever assembly. (See pho- 
tograph 12.) 

When a proper credential is 
used, a small motor (see photograph 
13) causes the pin to move down- 

ward allowing it to engage the out- 
side lever. (See photograph 14.) 

The second interesting part is 
the mechanical key override. 
There is a metal bar that moves up 
and down, inside a channel in the 
assembly. (See photograph 15.) 

With the key removed, the bar 
can be seen from the back side of 
the assembly. (See photograph 
16.) You can also see in photo- 
graph 15, that the pin is not in a 
position to engage the outside 
lever assembly. 

When the key is rotated, the 
tailpiece of the mortise cylinder 

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10. This is the engagement pin 
that allows the outside lever 
assembly to retract the latch. 

forces the bar down. (See photo- 
graph 17.) When the bar is 
forced down, it not only causes 
the pin to engage the lever 
assembly, it also activates the 
relay (optional.) associated with 
the mechanical key override 
audit trail. (See photograph 18.) 

When reassembling, there are 
two things to look out for. The 
first is to make sure the wire is 
properly threaded through the 
three posts before replacing the 
cover. (See photograph 19.) The 

1 1. Here is the notch in the out- 
side lever assembly that mates 
with the engagement pin. 

second is to be sure to replace the 
two special nuts (see photograph 
20) that are used to attach the two 
standoffs needed during the 
installation. (See photograph 21.) 

A look at the inside assembly 
shows the electronic circuit 
board. (See photograph 22.) A lot 
of things happen here. All of the 
wiring connections connect to 
this board. The holder for the 
four AA batteries is also connect- 
ed to this board. 

12. In the locked condition, the 
pin is held up by spring pressure. 

There is a lithium battery used 
as a memory backup that is located 
on this circuit board. The clear and 
initialize switches, used when 
installing a new lock are located 
here. You will even find an open and 
a close test switch on this board. 

The inside housing holds the 
inside lever and return spring. (See 
photograph 23.) An inside spindle 
(back to photograph 21) connects 
the lever to the latch retractor 
assembly. That's about all there is 
to the inside of the lock. 

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Circle 343 on Rapid Reply 

Circle 334 on Rapid Reply April 2004 • 67 

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13. When a valid 
credential is 

presented to the 
lock, a small 

motor forces the 

engagement pin 

to its unlock 


15. A flat bar is 
| used in conjunc- 
tion with the 
manual key 
override to 
accomplish the 
same thing as 
the small motor. 

16. Here is the flat bar as viewed 
from the rear of the assembly 
with the key removed from the 
mortise cylinder. 

17. When the key is inserted and 
turned, the tailpiece of the cylin- 
der forces the flat bar down. 

19. Before replacing the cover, 
be sure the cable is wrapped 
around the three posts properly. 

20. Before replacing the outside 
escutcheon, be sure to replace 
the special nuts used to hold the 
stand off bolts. 

21. Here are 

the two stand 

off bolts along 

with the inside 


68 • Visit 

14. Here is the pin in the unlock 

18. With the bar forced down, 
two things happen. The pin is 
forced to the unlock position and 
an optional switch is activated. 

Next month I will install the 
CM5196 and program it with a 
hand held pocket PC. (See photo- 
graph 24.) The pocket PC makes 
the programming very simple. 
Before I go I want to list the func- 
tions, models and options that 
are available for the CM5100. 

There are our functions available: 

• 5196 


Storeroom/ Classroom 
Storeroom/ Classroom 

with inside iButton reader 
The different models include: 

• KPI: iButton reader and keypad 

• IBO: iButton reader only 

• MGK: Magnetic strip card 

reader, iButton reader and 

• MGI: Magnetic strip card 

reader and iButton reader 

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22. The inside housing assembly 
holds the electronic circuit board. 

• PXK: HID Prox card reader, 

iButton reader and keypad 

• PXI: HID Prox card reader 

and iButton reader 

• PRO: Keypadonly, no com- 

puter programming, 100 
code memory 

The different options available are: 

• ATK: Audit trail of mechani- 

cal key use 

• HSS: High security screws 

on inside 
•SLB: 2-3/4 backset with 
1/2" latch bolt 

23. Here is the inside escutcheon. 

•OLB: 2-3/8 backset with 

1/2" latch bolt 
•ELB: 2-3/4 backset with 

3/4" latch bolt 

• T3: Track 3 card reader 

• KD: Keyed different, includes 

Schlage Everest cylinder 

• LC: Less cylinder 

ipso " 

*\K*--. It 



Twltf* ' 


f *fr* 

II " 

24. This is the iPAQ Pocket PC 
that will be used during program- 
ming in the next article. 

For more information on any of 
the above products, you can contact 
Ingersoll-Rand at IR Security & 
Safety, 111 Congressional Blvd., Suite 
200 Carmel, IN 46032 or call then at 
317-613-8150. They also have a web 
site at 
Circle 394 on Rapid Reply. EI! 

©MORNING INDUSTRY IMC. ming indusl ry.corn 
800455-0157 9^-9^-5663 fax 



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• It is safe and secure by ensuring the lock stays tight on the frame 

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I * 2 6 5 b 6 _1 <J 


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Circle 346 on Rapid Reply 

ml 2004 • 69 

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Bvmv-vO 1 . 

Originating Ford 10-Cut 
Door Lock Keys 

Ford introduced the 10-wafer 
system in the 1984-V2 
model year vehicles. 
Several variations on the original 
system have been used over the 
years, but the most common is 
the 10-wafer, with six in the 
ignition and six in the door, two 
of which overlap between the 
two locks. Ford uses a sidebar 
lock in the ignition, but does not 
use one in the door. As a result of 
this design, we are able to 
impression the door and make 
keys from those cuts to complete 
an ignition key. 

Door Lock 

Prepare the key as you 
ordinarily would for impressioning 
by cleaning the blade surface to a 
clean mirror polish. I prefer to 
use the code machine to prep the 
key and make the cuts because I 
find it to be more accurate than 
just using a Pippen file and 
guessing at the depths. If you 
have a code machine or a clipper, 
cut the first six cuts to a one cut. 
(See photograph 1.) Depending 

on your machine, you may find 
the cuts did not take all the 
coating off the blank so you may 
have to clean the rest with a file 
to get a clean space to see the 
markings. Don't worry about 
going too deep here because the 
Ford system is none too 
accurate. Just take enough off 
the blank to remove the coating 
and expose the softer brass. 

1. Prepped key. 

2. Impressioning the lock. 

Insert the blank into the door 
lock with the cut side down, then 
twist and bump the blank to 
make a mark. (See photograph 2.) 
If you are not proficient in the art 
of impressioning, I suggest you 
use one of the other methods I 
will describe later. Remove the 
blank and clean it to remove the 
dirt and grime that will most 
likely be on the key. I usually just 
wipe it on the leg of my pants, 
but you can use a cloth with the 
same effect. Cut the marks you 
find to a number two depth and 
reinsert the key. Continue until 
you have a working key. Note the 
depths of the fifth and sixth cuts, 
as you will need them to make 
the key for the ignition. 

Many of the Ford vehicles on 
the market do not have lighting 

By Ken Holml 

3. Style of Ford door lock. 

associated with the door lock, see 
photograph 3, and usually have 
access to the horseshoe lock 
retainer on the side of the door. 
(See photograph 4.) If you are not 
proficient at impressioning or 



70 • Visit 

4. Retainer on side of door. 

have not been able to make the 
key for some reason, removing 
the lock from the door may be 
the preferred method. This is 
accomplished by removing the 
retainer and sliding the lock out 
the hole. You will find the linkage 
is attached to the back of the lock 
and will have to be dealt with at 
this time. (See photograph 5.) 

I find it is not very difficult to 
simply pull the lock out far enough 
to get to the plastic pawl that 
attaches to the back of the lock. I 
just use a screwdriver to remove 
the lock from the plastic pawl and 

Continued on page 72 

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Actual Size 
1,200 lb-*, cf Holding Force 

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easier installation. 

That Is precisely where the 
MS Maglotk" shows its prowess. 
Although it measures only 6 inches 
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strength ratio of the MS Maglock"" 
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Contact Adams Rite for the only 
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a<(u*I Size 
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Circle 302 on Rapid Reply 

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Continued from page 70 

5. Linkage attached to lock. 

6. Clips holding linkage. 

I place a clip on the linkage to 
keep it from slipping back into the 
door. (See photograph 6.) If it slips, 
you will be adding considerable 
time to doing the job, so be careful 
to prevent that from happening. 

With the lock out of the door, I 
then take it to the truck and 
proceed to cut the key by sight- 
reading of the wafers. I find I 
usually have to clean the old grease 
out of the lock before I can view the 
wafers clearly, but that is not a 
major project. 

With the blank inserted, you will 
find one side of the wafers are below 
the sheer line and the first one you 
will see is the number six cut. (See 
photograph 7.) Estimate the depth of 
the cut from the height of the wafer 
and cut the key in the number six 
space one depth shallower than you 
estimated. It's easier to cut deeper, 

7. Wafers as seen from back of lock. 

72 • Visit 

but you will have to start over if you 
cut too deeply. 

When you have the sixth wafer 
to the sheer line, cut the fifth the 
same way. Ford does not have 
more than a two cut difference 
between adjacent wafers so if the 
sixth cut is a one, the fifth will not 
be deeper than a three. Cut all six 
cuts using the same system and 
the plug should turn easily in the 
lock. If it catches, you probably 
have cut one depth too deeply. 
Look at the lock from the back 
again and see if you can see any 
wafer below the sheer line. If the 
answer is yes, cut the other side 
of the key with that wafer cut 
shallower and try the key again. 

This particular lock uses a 
convenience key and therefore 
needs only be cut on one side to 
work. If it works, you are set. If it 
does not work, I suggest cutting 
another key with each depth one 
shallower and then progress the 
key one cut at a time until it 
works smoothly. When you are 
within one depth of each cut the 
key may well turn in the lock and 
should leave you with a nice set 
of impression marks to tell you 
which spaces to cut deeper. 

I find it very helpful to record 
the depths for each space as I 
establish them. I use a system of 
ten dashes to indicate the spacings 
and write the cuts on the dashes 
as I cut them. Especially important 
are the fifth and sixth spaces as I 
indicated earlier. These are the 
two cuts that the door and ignition 
have in common and will be 
needed to make the ignition key. 

You are now ready to replace 
the lock in the door. Carefully 
replace the lock into the notches 
of the pawl and snap it into place. I 
suggest having at least one of 
each of the plastic pawls in stock 
because they do break, especially 
in bitter cold weather. ASP has an 
assortment of these parts for Ford 
in the kit number is A-32-301. Be 
careful not to let the linkage slip 
into the door, or you may be 

taking the door panel off to get 
the workings lined up again. With 
the lock in place, turn and push 
the linkage and lock back into 
place and slide the retainer back 
on the body of the lock through 
the hole in the side of the door. 

8. Tabs on retainer. 

The retainer may have two 
small slivers of metal that will 
need to be removed to facilitate 
the installation of the retainer 
(See photograph 8.) Check for 
these pieces and if they exist, 
remove them before attempting 
to slide the retainer into place. 

Once the retainer is in place, 
check the lock to be sure the 
retainer is engaged with both sides 
of the lock. Do this by placing the 
key in the lock and lifting and 
pushing down on the lock. It 
should be solid. If it pulls out more 
than Vi6 M or so, you do not have 
the retainer in correctly and will 
need to pull it out and replace it 
again. Be sure this is done 
correctly or the retainer may fall 
out and the lock will do the same. 

Try the key in the lock to 
make sure it will lock and unlock 
the door. I suggest you try the 
key in the other door as well. 

If you would rather not remove 
the lock from the door, or if you 
encounter a lighted lock with 
wires attached, another method is 
available for getting a working key 
for the doors. I am speaking about 
the Determinator by Car Openers, 
Inc. (See photograph 9.) The 
Determinator simply reads the 
cuts of the key and enables you to 
cut a key from your readings. I 
wrote a Test Drive article that 
appeared in the January 2004 

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9. Determinator. 

10. EEZ Reader. 

National Locksmith that gives 
more information on using the 
tool. Take a look at it and decide if 
it looks like something you would 
like to employ in your arsenal of 
tools. A similar tool is available 
from EEZ-READER by H. E. 
Mitchell, and may also be useful in 
your key making activities. (See 
photograph 10.) 

One other possible method of 
making the key for the 
door is using tryout keys. (See 
photograph 11.) These are 
available from Baxter (Set 65A) 
for doors only and the set (102) 
for both doors and ignition. Aero 
Lock also makes tryout keys and 
their set numbers TO-40 and TO- 
56 are for 10-wafer door locks. 

Tryout keys can be very helpful 
when you find an ignition that has 
been changed, even if the person 
changing the ignition had matched 
the two overlapping cuts. I recently 
found just such a case. The 
remaining four cuts on the key did 
not match anything that Ford had 
originally used, and I was able to 
turn the lock by inserting the 
tryout keys and wiggling them 
vigorously. You will need to turn 
the ignition before removing it, and 
when you get it out you can then 
match it to an original bitting. 

1 1. Tryout Keys. 

This may not qualify as a 
locksmith related topic exactly but 
I would like to interject a personal 
note here. As you may well 
suspect, Montana gets very cold 
during the winter months. Can you 
say 30 below zero? I have very dry 
skin and have had an ongoing 
problem for the 20-plus years I 
have been doing this profession. 
That problem is cracked thumbs 
and first fingers. This can be quite 
painful and I have searched for a 
good answer to the problem for 
years. Well, I have found one. It is a 
product called Zim's Crack Creme 
and it works. (See photograph 12.) 
It can be found in many drug and 

12. Zim's Crack Creme. 

discount stores shelves. If you have 
the same problem as I have just 
described, give Zim's a try. 

Next month I will go into the 
procedures of cutting tryout keys 
to make the ignition key from your 
door key. It is information you will 
need if you want to work on these 
vehicles. Until then, if you have the 
opportunity I suggest going to a 
local wrecking yard and seeing if 
they will let you practice on a 
couple of vehicles in their lot. 
Noting helps the confidence like 
using newfound information to 
succeed in a new endeavor. 

See you next month. EH 

Ho Keys to Carry, lose or Bfzak 

fle-seJtetote Combination 

Brass and Haftfened Steet Shackles 

ideai for Chain Link Fence and Sales 

Cnnsttuction Job Sites and Gang Soxes 

Toot Cfios am} Supply Afeas 

Marine Use 

(M, Gas and Pipeline Security 

Circle 31 1 on Rapid Reply 

April 2004 • 73 

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. Side. 

Why Lock and Kqljj? Part I 

b*f Satv Pro6weo 

Have you ever tried 
putting yourself in your 
customers' point of view, 
and wondered what locks and keys 
really do for them? Well, you might 
say, keys can get them into 
things — or out of things (assuming 
there are appropriate locks in 
place, of course). Many would say, 
"If they have something special 
that they want to keep hidden away 
from others, they should lock it 
up." There even used to be a saying 
that if somebody didn't conform to 
what you wanted, you'd "Lock 
them up and throw away the key" 
Not a good idea, even today, but 
back then it would have been even 
worse, when getting a lost key 
replaced might have posed a 
serious problem. Nowadays, 
there's a locksmith on every 
corner eager to do the job. 

That presents another kind of 
problem. When we operate in close 
competition, prices suffer. There 
always seems to be one or two 
locksmiths who insist on practically 
giving away their services, for one 
reason or another. Some even pride 
themselves on it, advertising that 
they're the cheapest locksmith in 
town. Maybe they think they'll stay 
busier than the others that way. 
Don't they know they could work 
less hours and make the same 
money by charging a little more 
and keeping the general price 
structure on a more even keel? I'm 
not talking about price fixing here, 
just charging a reasonable price for 
the work done. Not only does that 
bring a reasonable wage to the 
locksmith, it elevates our 
profession in the eyes of the public. 
After all, if we don't think our work 

is worth much, why should 
anybody else? 

Besides, charging a fair price 
contributes to the "customer 
responsibility factor." Look at it 
this way, if locksmith services 
were free, who would care if they 
lost their keys? Other than being 
faced with the inconvenience of 
waiting to be let in, or to get 
another key made. Why would 
anybody worry about keeping up 
with keys? (On the other side of 
the issue, if the locksmith 
received no compensation for his 
or her work, he or she might 
soon lose interest in performing a 
good, quick job for the customer.) 

But I digress. 

Getting back to the subject at 
hand, there are a lot of reasons 
why people use (and lose) keys. 
Psychologists tell us people who 
repeatedly lock things up and then 
lose the keys have some kind of 
problem within themselves. 
Subconsciously, they may want 
company, a visitor, someone to 
come to the house and talk with 
them, or do something for them, 
even if they must pay for it. They 
may have a fetish for collecting 
keys, or they may simply be 
careless or forgetful. Whatever the 
reason for this repeated problem, 
most locksmiths encounter one or 
two customers who seem to have 
a recurring need for our services. 

Let's take a look at what security 
really means to most people. 

1. Peace of mind? 

Wow! Can that be accomplished 
with locked doors? Maybe, but you 
might want to ask somebody who's 

been locked up in jail about that 
concept. It's been said, "There 
hasn't been a lock made that a thief 
can't get into," and "Locks only 
keep honest folk out." There's a 
grain of truth in that, but we know 
someone trying to randomly break 
in for "fun and profit," look for 
places where he can get in and out 
quickly and quietly. Good locks 
and alarm systems when properly 
used can (and do) deter such 
crimes, diverting the thief to an 
easier target, which there always is. 

(Be sure you tell your 
customers about this!) 

2. Protection from personal 

How many really believe 
they're vulnerable to personal 
injury from a break-in? Oh sure, it 
happens, but not to them, they say. 

In a recent survey where the 
average man on the street, was 
asked if he ever worried about 
someone breaking into their 
home while he or family 
members were there. The 
majority said something like: 

"I never thought about anybody 
breaking in while I'm at home or 
asleep at night," or, "I can take 
care of myself," or even, "I could 
talk them out of hurting me." 

Few considered the possibility 
of surprising a thief who might 
have thought the house was empty, 
or dealing with a potential rapist. 

I remember reporting on a 
particular situation involving a 
young mother of three. 

"I always locked up when I 
left the house, but I was never 
very careful about it when I was 

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at home," she told me. "It never 
occurred to me that anybody 
would try to come in while I 
was there." 

Then, one morning after she'd 
gotten the kids off to school, she 
stepped from her shower wrapped 
in just a towel and ran to the front 
hall closet to get something from 
her purse. As she turned the 
corner by the dining room, she 
saw a man bending over the 
buffet, going through the drawer 
that held her silver flatware. 
Gasping, she staggered back just 
as his eyes met hers. He grabbed 
her grandfather's silver-handled 
carving knife and sliced her to 
pieces. Then he cleaned out the 
silver drawer and left her for dead. 

The silver was never retrieved. 

The man was never caught. 

The woman was never the 
same again. 

"I'm just glad it was me, and not 
one of the children," she added. 

She keeps her doors locked 
now, especially when she's 
at home. 

3. Protection of property? 

By far, this is the most important 
aspect of locks and keys in the 
mind of the public. When a person 
installs an alarm system or 
purchases and installs locks, it's 
usually with theft, more than 
personal danger, in mind. The main 
thing we want is to keep the thief 
out of the house, or warn someone 
if he does get in so that he may be 
scared away or apprehended. What 
if he knows this, bets he can do his 
damage and be gone before 
anybody comes to stop him? 

Following the third break-in of a 
local jewelry store located in a strip 
shopping center, I interviewed the 
owner. He laughed, saying he'd 
considered taking out an ad to the 
thief, saying there was nothing left 
to take, so please go somewhere 
else and leave them alone. The 
thief had entered the building by 
way of the roof — common to the 
entire shopping center. He'd 

managed to get into the attic, then 
broke into several stores in the 
extended building by lifting out the 
acoustical tile ceilings and climbing 
down into the various stores. It 
took a while for the store owners to 
figure out what was happening, as 
there was no internal evidence of 
forced entry. Not until we had a 
hard rain (a rarity in southwest 
Texas) did the leaking roof clue 
them to his entry point. 

When I spoke with the jeweler, 
he said they weren't carrying 

insurance any more, because 
there was little left to insure. 
They kept the store open, hoping 
the thief might return and 
be apprehended before they 
moved their business to a more 
secure location. 

So what is the answer? An 
attack cat? A live-parrot alarm? 
More on this next month. 

In the meantime, keep smiling. 
(It makes people wonder what 
you're up to!) EH 

• The ABLOY* PROTEC patented 

rotating dfsc system with DBS and 
2R Is virtually impossible to pick, 

* Added security with patented key 

protection as well as almost two 
billion combination possibilities. 

• A complete range of padlocks 
available to fit all applications. 

* Shackles are locked at both ends 
with deadlocking stainless steet 
ball bearings, O-Ring models 

• There are no springs or pins 
to wear p jam or freeze in either 
the cylinder mechanism or the 
pad be k bodies. 

* These padlocks can be keyed 
into door cylinder systems. 

■ Manufactured under ISO 9110 
quality rating and ISO 14001 
environmental rating. 

* Cylinder is UL437 listed. 

• Ab by- high security since 1907- 

1800 465 5761 
fax 1800 730 357D 
e-mail info@abloyxa 



an AHA AELOY Group Company 

Circle 301 on Rapid Reply 

April 2004 • 75 

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Maybe you have seen it all. 
I have not! I still get a thrill 
when I meet a tough safe 
opponent that offers me the 
chance to mess up. This large 
Mosler fire safe pictured is 
just such a monster. (See 
photograph 1.) It did have the 
regular Mosler plastic dial and 
ring, but I removed it before I 
took this photograph. There was 
another problem with this unit 
even before we (Bob Sieveking 
and I) started to open this unit. 

The opening handle on this 
safe is shown in the locked 
position. Yes I know it looks like 
it is in the open position, but it is 
locked and moves freely in a 45 

1. Large Mosler Fire safe with 
handle in the Locked position. 



by Dale W. Libby, CMS 

degree arc. Someone had tried to 
force the handle open. There is a 
shear line on the spindle of this 
handle, but the blunt force 
trauma was not enough to break 
the handle. It just rounded out 
the hole in the long plate 
attached to the spindle on the 
inside of the unit to let the handle 
turn in a large arc. There was 
enough left to throw the bolts 
however, and for that I was 
grateful. After opening the safe 
the handle hole was hammered 
back into correct flatness and it 
did work properly. 

Next, where 
to drill? There 
was quite a bit 
of distance 
between the dial 
and handle, so 
before consulting 
any safe books 
(which I now 
consider the 
easy and smart 
way to do it) I 
decided that 
the lock was 

the steel banding that is attached 
to the safe with a large magnet. 
One edge of this steel band is 
used as a makeshift pointer to 
read the numbers on the 
attached dial. The hole was 
drilled at location "G" on the 
StrongArm Mini-Rig #2 base 
template for Mosler locks. This 
"G" location also works for S&G 
combination locks as well. With 
the attachment of a small mini- 
dial to the stub of the dial 
spindle, we had an easy way to 
transfer and read the gates in the 
wheels with our borescope. 

2. Mini dial attached with banding steel to act as indicator. 


Left. It was a good guess, but an 

incorrect one. No harm done, for 
with the help of a Hawkeye 
Borescope, all holes are 
eventually good holes. 

In photograph 2, you can 
barely see the drilled hole next to 

If I had correctly surmised the 
handing of the lock as Vertical Up, 
and placed the template 
accordingly and drilled in the 
correct position, then transferring 
of the wheel gates is not necessary. 
When correctly positioned, the 
fence and the wheels can be seen 

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i :kkw 

Continued on page 78 

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For years locksmiths have 
begged for comprehensive 
service manuals on 
motorcycles, ami they ore 
finally here! Covering a wide 
range of service procedures, 
yautf know everything o 
locksmith needs to know 

The National Locksmith 

Guide To Motorcycles 
Volumes 1,2 & 3 

by John Blankenship 

Volume l covers... 

Key information * Progression Charts » BMW 1997 H1100H * Harley -Davidson 19i& Knucklehead, 1970 Sportster, 
1980S portsler, 1984 Wide Glide, 19944 Tubular Ignition Lock - Honda I9&8 Mini Trail SO, 1970 Trail 90, 1971 CB7S0, 
(978 CB750, 197B Hawk, 19B1 CB900, 19B2 ASCOL 1983 Shadow 1964 Nighthawk, 19BS Rebel, 1990 Gold Wing, 1996 
Nighthawk 750, 19% VFR750 * Kawasaki \9W LTD250, 1985 Ninja 600, 1993 KLX650 Ignition Lock, 1994 Ninja G<is 
Cap * Neiman Steering Lock * Suzuki 19B& Intruder, 1990 Katana 600, 1991 CSXRllflO Ignition Lock, 199S Kafana 600, 
1999TL1000R * Triumph 1995 Tiger, 1999 Legend* Yamaha 1980 650 Twin, 1987 FZRI000 Ignition Lock, 19B7 Virago, 
1992 Yamaha/Polaris 4- Wheeler Ignition Lock, 199B VStar Classic 1998 YZF600R 

Volume 2 covers... 

Key information * Progression Charts* BMW 1976 R90/6 r 1969 K100RS, 1995+ Ignition Lock, 1999 1650, Luggage using 
Y61 * ffue/noOO Blast * Ducati 199 J Monster * Hurley -Davidson 1999 Road King Police, 1999 Sportster * Honda 1975 
CB5M Ignition Lock, 1980 CB400 Ignition Lock, 1985 CB650 Ignition Lock, 1985 Aero Ignition Lock, 1995 Gold Wing 
Luggage, I9B7 250X 4-WheeEer, 1990 NS50, 1992 Shadow, 1994 C&250, 1997 Shadow, I99B CBftllOOXX, 1999 CBR600F4, 
1999CBRXU0OXX r 1999 Shadow, 2000 CBR600F4, LIPO 5 cut Ignition Lock, UPO 8-cut Ignition Lock, • Kawasaki 1- cut. 
Code Information, I9B0 LTD250 Ignition Lock, 19B3 GPZ Ignition lock, 19B6 ZX600R Gas Cap, 19B6 ZX600R Ignition Lock, 
1987 EX500 Ignition Lock, 1909 EX50O, 1991 ZX-6, New Blank • Suzuki 1968 T500, 1981 CS55Q Ignition Lock r 1986 
G5XR750RG Gas Cap, SM-2 Ignition Lock, 5M-4 Ignition Lock * Triumph 1970 Bonneville, 197 J Tiger, * Yamaha 1980 
XS650, 19&2 Seta 400 r 19S2 XV920 Ignition Lock, 19*4 FJ6&0, 19SS FJ1200 Gas Cap, 1919 Riva Jog ignition Lock, 
1990 XTJ5Q, 1993 Seta ll p 1996 Royal Star, Cruiser Ignition Lock * Zadi Q637 Ignition Lock, Q933 Ignition Lo<k 

Volume 5 covers.. . 

Key information * Progression Chart* « BMW 1999 HI I00GS, Luggage using X59 * Honda 1975 CB5D0T Ignition Lock, 

19B0CB750 Custom Ignition Lock, 1980 CM40OT, 1985 CB450 Nighthawk Ignition Lock, 1 985 Big Red, I9B7 Elite 25D r 

1987 Elite 250, 1997 CBR600H, 1999 Shadow ACE Deluxe, 2001 CBRI100XX, 2001 Gold Wing, 2001 XR100, 2082 

VTXisoo, Cruiser Ignition Lock * Kawasaki 1979+ Ignition lock, 19B2 KZiooo ignition Lock, L9&& ZL600 Ignition Lock, 

1992 1X6 Seat Lock, 1995 KLR250 Ignition Lock r 199B ZX9R Ninja, 2000 Concours, 2001 250R Ninja, 2001 5O0R Ninja, 

2001 KLR650, 2001 ZX12R Ninja, KM* Ignition Lock * Moto Cuzzi 1979 V 50 II * Suzuki 1979 GS750 Ignition Lock, 

19&5 Ignition Lock, 19&& C5XR750, 1990 GSXR7S0, 1997 DR6SD, 1999 Savage, 2001 GSXR7&0, 5M5 Ignition Lock 

* Yamaha 1972 Endure 100, 1977 Enduro 400, 1978 XS750 Triple, 1982 XZ550 Vision Ignition Lock, 19&4 QT, ^^- 

1989 V Max, 1992 TW20O Ignition Lock, 2002 BearTracker j^ hlFlAft 

vVolume 3 

Buy all 3 volumes in the online Store! ^^^ 

WLM Guldo to 

F'gtor cycles | 

a Any Single Volume $99,00 + $8 s/h 
a Any Two Volumes $149.00 + $8 s/h 
a All Three Volumes $199.00 + $8 s/h 

Expiration Date 

Choose the Volumes you are ordering... signature 
□ Volume J D Volume 2 D Volume J 
a Complete Set of Aft 3 Volumes 
Please choose a format: H Book H CD-ROM 

□ I've enclosed a check or money order lor S 

OR charge my G VISA G MasterQ rd 

G Discover G American Express 

Credit Card # 

Your Name_ 
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Address wo i>.o. >dhs) 

{US. &&?$& s/h per order, foreign £ Cw#datidd$2Q &fl per &tf&. 
Orders must be paid m US funds) 

State _ 
Phone L 



Mail coupon & payment to: Hw National locksmith * P.O. Bok 77^97592 • Chicago, IL 60678-7592 

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Continued from page 76 

at the same time through 
such a hole location. The 
hole comes in just above 
the lock lever and affords 
an attention-grabbing view 
of the insides of the lock, 
with no harm to any 
lock components. 

This puts you into an 
empty area of the lock with 
a great view. Thanks Dave 
McOmie. Even though we 
drilled at a not so correct 
area of the lock, our view 
was still terrific and we did 
no damage to any internal 
components. The safe had 
a good hardplate, but the 
StrongArm drill bit made 
short work of it. 

Just to show that Bob 
Sieveking is a safeman 
too, I am including his 
picture in photograph 3. 
This is before we attached 
the band to the safe door 
and knew we had to 
transfer the gates to the 
proper opening location. 

Transferring the gate 
locations went off without a 
hitch and the lock opened. 
I grabbed the floppy handle 
and turned it clockwise, the 
bolts withdrew and the 
door opened. All slight 
(oversights) were forgotten 
at this point. 

Photograph 4, shows 
the Mosler 302 lock in the 
locked position. As we can 
easily see, the lock is 
mounted Vertical Up. 
When the bolt is out, it 
blocks the horizontal 
movement of the lower 
short bolt attached to the edge of 
the bolt retraction bar. The larger 
longer upper horizontal bolt is part 
of the bolt detent system. When 
the locking bolt bar is thrown to 
the open position, this mechanism 
keeps the bolts in the open 
position until the door is closed. 

3. Bob Sieveking using a short Hawkeye scope to view 
and transfer numbers. 

4. Inside view of Mosier 302 in locked position, 
relock pin to the right of lock in this picture. 

5. Lock open, the short lower pin can be moved over 
the lock to pull the bolt bars back. 

Also, just to the right of the 
combination lock is a large vertical 
bar. The bottom of this bar is 
attached to the outside bolt handle 
with a large nut. The part under 
the nut was rounded out which let 
the handle turn. This bar attaches 
to a pin 4 M above on the bolt 

channel. This withdraws 
the bolts when the handle 
is turned. Also note the 
spring loaded relock pin to 
the right of this lock as 
seen in this photograph. 

In photograph 5, the 
bolt is withdrawn and the 
lock open. This is to show 
that the combination lock 
bolt of a Mosler lock is 
flush with the outside of the 
case of the lock when open. 
If you are trying to replace 
this lock with another 
brand of combination lock, 
you will have to be sure 
that the bolt is flush when 
the bolt has been retracted 
into the case, or there will 
not be enough clearance to 
work in this configuration. 
This can be accomplished 
by modification of the 
length of the new lock 
combination bolt. 

In photograph 6, the 
relock pin has fired 
because the cover to the 
lock was removed. The 
spindle has been pushed 
out a little allowing the lock 
lever to drop behind the 
drive cam. The arrow 
points to the incorrectly 
drilled hole in the safe. This 
gave us a great view of the 
edge of the wheels and 
made transferring easy. 

I have been up against 
this relocker a number of 
times. I drill about l- 1 /*" to 
the left of the lock just a 
little above the spindle 
hole with a VV' hole. There 
is a twofold purpose for 
drilling at this location. 
One is to hit the relock spring and 
destroy it. Once a mangled mass, 
the relock pin will drop enough to 
let the safe open. Secondly, if you 
drill just right, the edge of your 
drill bit will hit the pin and 
withdraw it for you while drilling. 
Put pressure on the handle when 


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6. Arrow points to wrong hole 
position. Combination had to be 
transferred 25 numbers to open. 

you are doing this, and you might 
just be surprised when the handle 
moves and the safe opens. 

Since you are not drilling in any 
important part of the lock case or 
mechanism, once the hole is 
properly sealed and fixed, the 
same lock can be used if it is in 
acceptable condition. The cover of 
this 302-402 key change lock is 

shown in the last picture. 
(See photograph 7.) The 
wheel pack is held on the 
wheel post by a Tru-Arc 
(outside) ring. Also shown 
by the direction of the arrow 
is where the cover relock 
pin is located. This pin has a 
dual function. If the back 
cover of the lock is punched 
off (usually by trying to 
punch the dial spindle) the 
relock pin in the body of the 
lock case will fire and block 
the movement of the 

7. Cover with three key change Mosier 
plastic wheels. Arrow points to thermal and 
combination lock bolt. If P unch ^ e relock pin floating in a sea of 

low temp solder. 

excessive heat due to a 
torch or a fire is applied to 
the lock case, then the low 
temperature solder the pin is 
installed in will melt and the bolt 
relock mechanism will fire. It's a 
true multi-purpose mechanism. 

If the case relocker (relocking 
trigger for your purists) has been 
fired, then it can be defeated in a 
couple of ways. The hardest 
involves snaking a tool through the 

absent spindle hole and 
depressing the case trigger, then 
inserting another wire to pull the 
locking lever and bolt into the 
case. I prefer to drill for the base of 
the relocking pin and remove the 
small spring and plate. Through 
this same X A inch hole one can 
usually push the bolt in too. 

Good Luck! Open Moslems 
and Prosper! EH 





I don't want you to be left 

out... but sometimes we do 

run out of back issues. 

Please be sure to send in 
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time and your Change of 
Address at least 4 weeks in 
advance. Then you won't be 

the one receiving a note 
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address and new address 


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Address Change Dept. 

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not locks. 



Double Key Changeable Safe Deposit Lock 

• Ul. listed safe deposit box lock. 

• Comparably priced to nor^chongeable safe deposit locks. 

■ Fils some focfprint as 444Q and A-4Q style locks, 

■ 1 /2 m nose heighl. 

» SoHn brass or satin nickel finish. 

• IcH c fight hand locks. 

Fa* mafs inhfrnaliorv or ro plate an order: 

(323) 724-5880 Telephone 
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A Ji-t ixiii ■■'• iVi. ■"*-■■■ »'■! -nil i Vs'c i i--p::ry 

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April 2004 • 79 

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Grand Prize 

Silca Bravo Duplicator 



3rd Pr ize 

SDC Magnetic Lock, 
Keypad and Exit Switch 

•-■ "T 


6th Prize 

Detex Advantex 


9th Prize 

$500 in Strattec Auto Products 

1st Prize 

HPCs 1200PCH 
Punch Machine 


4th Prize 

Securitron 1 2-VoLt Unlatch Plug in 
Trans & Touchpad Retail Value $650 

7th Prize 

Arrow 400 Series Alarmed 

Exit Device & S-75 Mounting 

Plate Kit for Narrow Stile 

Aluminum Doors 

10th Prize 

Tech-Train "Jiffy Jack" 

2nd Prize 

Kaba Mas 
PowerLever 2000 

5th Prize 

LaGard "SmartGard" 

8th Prize 

$500 in ASP Auto Locks 





1 1th Prize 

Sargent & Greenleaf 61 20 
Electronic Safe Lock 

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13th Prize 

ESP Products Sampler 

12th Prize 

High Tech Tools 
2001 Pro Set 

14th Prize 

Major Manufacturings 
HIT-1 11 Drill Guide 

15th Prize 

Baxter #90 10-Cut 
GM Try Out Key Set 

16th Prize 

Sieveking Products 
Squeeze Play 

17th Prize 

A-1 Security 
Installation Jig 

rj J J 
\ J "7 "7 J 

18th Prize 

Keedex Sampler 

19th Prize 





20th Prize 

Gator Tool Multi-Purpose 
Facecap Tool 

21st Prize 

Peterson Picks, 
by Peterson Manufacturing 



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• Wedgeco™ 
Broken Key 
Extractor Kit 

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4400 Series Safe 

Deposit Box 


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Blanks (100 


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number, fax number and e-mail address 
When sending tips via e-mail make sure 
to include complete address and phone. 

Every Tip Published Wins 

If your tip is published you will win one of 
the monthly prizes listed. At the end of the 
year, we choose winners from all the 
monthly tips published, that will be 
awarded one of the fabulous year end 
prizes. All you have to do to win is enter. 

Prizes are arranged according to 
suggested retail price value. 

April 2004 • 83 

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I Key Decoder 

- When called 

upon to code a new GM 10-cut 
ignition cylinder, it can be 
difficult to decode the existing 10- 
cut key if you don't have a gauge. 
You can sometimes do it by sight, 
but since it is a sidebar lock, one 
wrong wafer can result in failure. 
Then you must figure out which 
wafer is wrong without a shear 
line to help spot the culprit. 

A simple solution is a 
homemade key gauge, which can 
be made for a variety of different 
types of double-sided keys. Just 
grab the appropriate blank, (B-89 
for example) cut a #1, then a #2, 
then a #3 and a #4, on one side of 
the key. Flip the key over and cut 
the identical cuts in the same 
spaces you did on the first side. 
Cut the remaining part of the 
blank off completely. Now you 
have a very short looking key 
with only 4 cuts on each side. 

You can now place this gauge 
directly on top of the customer's 
key and slide your gauge back 
and forth until a set of cuts in the 
gauge visually matches the cuts 
in the first space of the key. Write 
that cut number (depth) down 
and do the same for the rest of 
the key. Now you know the cuts 
of the key and can code the 
cylinder accordingly. 

Steve Zemba 


Ford Aspire Key 
Generation Tip 

f U| ^ere * s a tttife ^k * ran 
— ' into almost by mistake. 

We had a customer that broke 
off the key to her 1996 Ford 
Aspire (Korean built). She 
originally had both pieces, but 
dropped the business end (with 
the cuts) in the snow. All she had 
left was the factory original 
rubber head of the key. 

As I glanced at the key, I 
noticed that the rubber was torn 

by Jake 

A Few Words From Jake... 

Okay, here I am back with an on-going reminder. 

If you look at the monthly prize list you will see 
that we give away thousands and thousands of 
dollars worth of monthly prizes each year! And, 
each year we have a great year-end drawing where 
we give away thousands of dollars more in prizes. 

That means each locksmith that has a tip printed 
during the year not only gets a prize for the month 
the tip is printed but, that locksmith also has an 
opportunity to win one of the great prizes at the end of the year. 
Including the Grand Prize: A Silca machine! 

There are no raffle tickets to buy, no gimmicks or gotchas. Just 
sit down, write up your favorite idea, trick or tip on how to make 
your day or a specific job go easier and send it in to me. If you can 
draw a little illustration to go with the tip that's fine. It doesn't have 
to be "good" just enough to give us an idea of what your trying to 
get across and we can make the drawing what it should be. WeVe 
got a great graphics department at TNL. 

Take a look at this issue, look over the year-end prizes and think 
about whether or not you'd like to see the Big Brown Truck pull up 
in front of your house with one just for you. You can also email me 
your tip to Just remember: 
whether you email me a tip, snail mail me a tip or send it by pony 
express. PLEASE! Include your name, telephone number and 
PHYSICAL mailing address! We need that information to contact 
you if your tip needs clarification and to send you your prize when 
your tip gets printed. 

See y'all next month. 

away, and I could see a number. 
Acting on a hunch, I took the key 
to the bench, and with a razor 
knife, cut off the rest of the 
rubber head (See illustration 1.) 



Approximate Location 
of Code Under Rubber 

Illustration 1. 

84 • Visit 

Lo and behold, there were 4 
numbers. After checking with my 
code information, these numbers 
fell within the parameters of the 
code series, less the letter "B". 

I went to the computer and I 
added the letter "B" and was 
surprised to see that a code 
immediately popped up. We cut a 
key with the appropriate cuts. 
Amazingly, the key worked! 

Now, every time I get a 
broken, bent, unreadable, or 
otherwise damaged original 
foreign car key (with the head 
encased in rubber) I gently cut 
the rubber off, and more times 
than not, there is the code 
staring me in the face. It sure 
beats trying to decode them. 

Mike C, Merritt 

Continued on page 86 

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Cadillac CTS / Cadillac Logo 

PK3+ X'po rider 

On Board Programmable 


Cadillac SRX 04 / Cadillac Lego 

PK3+ X'ponder 

On Board Prog ra mm able 


Grand Prix l 04 / Ponliac Logo jm 

PK3 X'ponder 

On Board Programmable^^ 


Chevy Malibu d 04 / Chevrolet Logo 

PK3+ X ponder 

On Beard Programmable 





Malibu 04 # 9722 



a 16652 Clw. Colorado (61 1 0) 

#16653 GMC Cartyon (6110) 



Circle 300 on Rapid Reply 

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Continued from page 84 

Colorado Key 
Generation Tip 

I received a call 
on New Year's Day 
to make keys to a 
2004 Chevrolet Colorado. It was 
my first encounter with this 
model. The truck was located at a 
rest area along the Interstate. 

Here's what I found when I 
surveyed the vehicle. It has a 
locking cylinder on the driver's 

door, the ignition and tailgate. 
The Colorado appeared to be one 
size down from the Silverado. 

I attempted to contact 
Chevrolet Roadside for key 
codes. The dispatcher informed 
me that the codes are not yet 
available to them, also informing 
me that the VIN indicates this is a 
test vehicle not yet sold. Roadside 
also said the vehicle would have 
to be towed to a dealer to have it 
serviced. All the local dealers are 
closed on New Year's Day! 


■ Locks doors and gates wilh superior rellafrtrty. 
security 2nd safety. 

■ Pflriect for fail-safe (release on 
power (Ullage} locking requirement. 

* Buih-iJi inner QDTkwi 
automatically releases Hie 
lock fai a (ir«esel period 
d lima when aclivattd. 

truldoor gale lpck$ 
designed lor 
vehicular and 
gate locking. 

Mounting brartsts. 5£KCr 
bilrs and airlunuH 1 hOuSfA£ 

Frfi "iiiiroiiiv. hiv * 
arri keypad 



total access control 

DC powtff informers 

DoO'Kihi) , Inc. 

1 20 Giasgm tannin, Ingkrocd, CJitomia 90301 U.3,A. 

1* 3ifl.Si5.0033 i-S0Mi6-T4M FAX: 3ifl.$i1-1MS 

E-nuf: lilto#*»*Viflfl.«wn mnndM'V'fl.WI 

I then proceeded to browse the 
owner's manuals and Bill of Sale. I 
found the key code (72656 Ignition 
and 72565 trunk) on the Bill of 
Sale. The customer stated that one 
key worked all three locks (which 
turns out to be true). Great! 

I again called Chevy Roadside 
with codes in hand, to get bitting 
information. They again inform 
me that no code information is 
yet available — not even bitting 
for this vehicle, yet. 

The customer could not wait 
for two days to have the vehicle 
towed and then worked on. So, I 
informed him of the situation — 
new key, new code series, no 
information available to me, and 
in order for me to make a key, 
there will be an additional cost. 
He said to go ahead. 

I disassembled the tailgate 
lock — 4 phillips head screws and 
one 10mm nut later, I had the lock 
in my hand. There were enough 
spaces for 9 wafers. Wafer spaces 
1-8 are doubled-up: wafers l h, 3 A, 
5 A, and 7 /s are touching, and 9 is a 
stand-alone wafer (this was my 
perception at the time) . 

The tailgate has wafers 
located in spaces 3-8. I found 
after trying my inventory of 
GM blanks, none of them fit 
this vehicle. 

Working my way through 
various automotive blanks, I 
discover an ILCO-EZ MIT1 blank 
fit the keyway. I did have to 
remove the entire shoulder all 
the way to the bow so it would 
actually fit in the door, the 
tailgate and the ignition. (Note: 
the key slides much further into 
ignition than into door/tailgate 
cylinders). After decoding the 
spacings and depths (four 
depths), on the tailgate lock, I 
proceeded to the door lock. The 
door panel proved to be simple to 
pull. There were three Phillips 
head screws and standard 
GM door clips with an 
electronic wiring harness for 

86 • Circle 313 on Rapid Reply 

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power windows and power locks, 
and two 10mm nuts. The door 
has a similar lock as the tailgate, 
but with wafers 1-8 used in it. 

The key will fit the ignition, but 
will not turn the ignition. I 
guessed that the "9 th " cut must 
be used in the ignition and I 
progressed through the four 
depths in this ninth position. The 
key still didn't work. After 
questioning the customer 
regarding his key, he told me that 
a spare key does exist in Florida, 
where the customer is from. 

I told him to have a friend 
photocopy the key and fax a copy 
to a locksmith friend of mine. The 
photocopy was awful and the 
friend traced the key as well. 
However, I was able to determine 
there were two "unknown" cuts 
that I had not previously decoded. 
That is when I decoded the door 
and tailgate lock, I assumed that I 
was dealing with an eight cut 
lock. Actually it was a 10-cut with 
the door and tailgate using cuts 
three through ten. 

Going back to my original 
numbers I progressed spaces 
one and two on the final key 
and generated a working key 
for the customer. 

Here's the long and the short 
of it: 

2004 Chevrolet Colorado: 10- 
Cut Key, Ilco EZ MIT-1 will 
pass (but must remove 
shoulder at blade height all the 
way to the bow) . 

The ignition uses all 10 spaces, 
Door uses spaces 3-10, Tailgate 
uses spaces 5-10. There is a 11 th 
cut space, probably, for use with 
valet key, but not pinned on the 
Colorado that I worked on. 

Here are the spaces as I 
decoded them and cut them with 
my Framon 2 (In inches). 1=0.380, 
2=0.430, 3=0.530, 4=0.570, 5=0.680, 
6 = 0.720, 7 = 0.810, 8 = 0.860, 
9=0.950,10=0.990, 11=1.080. 

The cut depths (inches) are 
1=0.325, 2=0.300, 3=0.275, 
4=0.245. I used a Framon cutting 
wheel 8445 (84 degree angle with 
0.045 inch flat). 

The wafers were 0.040 
inches thick. 

My key showed a maximum 
cut difference between the 
touching pairs of 1 (i.e., cuts 1 
& 2 or 3 & 4 could not differ by 
more then 1) and a maximum 
adjacent cut difference of 2 

with non-touching adjacent 
cuts (i.e., 2 to 3 or 4 to 5 could 
differ by 2). 

The truck did not use a 
transponder (thank goodness). 
Oh yeah — how were the keys 
lost? The gentleman had used 
the facilities and as he was 
flushing the toilet his keys 
slipped from his hands and were 
flushed away. 

Jeffrey Hula 

you're gonna need some sharp bits. 

Big jab or small, -save time and money with the drill bit sharpener that feally works. 

• Restores bits to factory sharp in less than GD sec. 

* Sharpens full jange Df bits, even split point 

• Sharpens 1 18* and 135* -point, 3/32 "-3/4" bits 

* Tough 1 .75-amp motor 

'Wtih (he Drift Qoaor, avr iftts come out perfect 
every f? 171 ?- Andir's t QT$ faster ifrgn h#rfo 
s^rpening, ff's e&sy ft? use. ft fete ifseffop for 
f/?e f?gfrr jrtgfe- tfpvjifsfpvt the Afr fft fljWJ ft $ 
few rimes jndft's (forte— wiffr no guessing, 
AM& we #iw#ys get optima/ perforrrt&nte 
ovf of -our {frif/ frits" 

— Atike&C&vtQar 
fimer's lock $ Safe 
MetffoM Oregon 

The Drift Sit Sharpener 


Web; / 

^ " v -v N "S N s -v 

Circle 344 on Rapid Reply 

April 2004 • 87 

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j^^ A Major Faucet Fix 

gjfjfoW Jake, I was reading 
S^m the tips in the 
December issue and 
read the one from the North 
Carolina locksmith about how he 
solved a problem for a customer 
regarding the theft of water from 
the outdoor faucets. It reminded 
me of a similar problem I had a 
few years ago and how I solved it. 

A construction company was 
building a house next door to 
mine. When I left for work one 
morning a cement crew was 
pouring a slab for the garage. 
When I got home later that night 
I discovered that the crew had 
used the faucet on the side of my 
house to wash off their tools. 
There was dried cement 
splattered all over the siding and 
foundation of my house around 
the faucet. Since they still had to 
pour the driveway, I needed to 
find a way to keep from having a 
repeat of the incident. I thought 
of taking the faucet handle off, 
but knew that it could still be 
turned on with a pair of pliers. 

I used one of Major 
Manufacturing's Kee-Bloks, 
snapped it over the faucet handle 
and the top portion of the faucet 
and locked it in place. It was a 
perfect fit! This solution may not 
work on every faucet due to the 
difference in design, but it sure 
was an easy fix for me! 

When I returned home that 
evening the driveway was 
finished and the crew was 
washing tools in the street using 
water from the cement truck. I 
guess they got the hint. 

Mike Neely 






A customer had me order 
padlocks with an "M" profile Best 
key. When I ordered the padlocks 
I forgot to specify slide style 

capping. We do not have the tools 
to cap IC core cylinders! Needless 
to say the restocking charge 
made us look for a way out. 

The company had purchased a 
small lathe some while ago and 
so we took an American padlock 
cylinder and mounted it to the 
sliding table of the lathe. 

The padlock body was 
shimmed to the appropriate 
height and an end mill cutter was 
chucked in the lathe head. A 
small setscrew was installed to 
keep the cylinder from chattering 
during the machining process. 
With this we were able to 
machine a Vs" wide groove along 
the top of the cylinder where the 

Illustration 2. 

caps would normally go. (See 
illustration 2.) A slide from our 
Kaba kit completed the 
installation and it works like a 
charm. With a little bit of jig 
work the same principle could be 
used on a drill press. 

Martin Brown 

Triple Play 

Here's an easy way to bypass a 
supplement MS lock: 

I learned this from a fellow 
locksmith years ago so I credit 
his clever ingenuity. This tip is for 
opening storefront door MS locks 
where the cylinder cannot be 
picked, for whatever reasons. The 
great part is no special tools or 
drilling techniques are required. 

Start by removing the bolts 
that hold the pull handle to the 
door (must be externally mounted 
handle for obvious reasons). 
Insert a stiff wire (hanger wire 
works fine) through the bolt hole 
and down (or up, as the case may 
be) the stile of the door. 

When you reach the lock, push 
down on the wire to release the 
locking pin on the swing-bolt, just 
like the lock tailpiece would do. 
The lock will fall open easily and 
the door is open! If it sounds easy, 
it actually is. Reinstall the handle, 
service the lock, and collect your 
money! Note that this works only 
if the lock is mounted below the 
pull handle bolt. 

If the lock is 
mounted higher, 
you can remove 
the glass stop, 
carefully drill a 
hole in the edge 
of the stile just 
below the line 
where the bottom 
of the cylinder is 
located. Then you 
can reach in 
with a stiff wire 
and manipulate 
the latch. 

This next tip will help save 
your pants, fingers and other 
stuff when impressioning: 

If you have worn holes in your 
jeans, or have scars from file 
punctures on your leg, you will 
find this tip useful. I have a 
square patch of thick suede 
leather (donated from an old 
skirt, my wife appreciates me not 
ruining any more clothes) that I 
keep rolled up in my kit. When 
impressioning keys I lay it over 
my knee for an instant 
workbench. It also works great 
on top of file cabinets, car trunks, 
desks, safes, and all the other 
places we work. 

The pad not only protects the 
surface you are working on, it is 
a soft landing pad for springs and 
small parts that like to bounce 

88 • Visit 

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further than imaginable. You can 
also roll up your file inside it to 
protect it in your tool kit. 

Unscrewing those tilt column 
levers with their red Loctite 
covered threads can be difficult. 
To prevent scratching them and 
get a better grip, I cut a piece of 
rubber from an old tire inner tube 
that I put under the vise-grip jaws 
before clamping down on the 
lever. I also use the rubber pieces 
cut to custom sizes for making 
weatherproof shims to level up 
padlock hasps, doorplates, etc. 

James Unsworth 

Cutting Screws 
and Bolts 

Sometimes I have to shorten a 
screw or bolt and usually use my 
bolt cutters. Recently I had to 
shorten a few screws and didn't 
have my bolt cutters with me. 

Normally, Fd use a hacksaw 
but this time I chucked the tip of 
the screws into my drill. I turned 
on the drill to rotate the screw 
and held the screw against the 
blade in my hacksaw. 

Before long, I had a neatly cut 
screw. It helps to slide the 
rotating screw slowly back and 
forth along the blade. It's best to 
use the extreme ends of the 
blade, which don't normally get 
used and are the sharpest, even 
on a worn blade. 

Ted Swirsky 
New Jersey 


4Kwikset and 
Murphy's Law 
The call was simple 
■ enough. Rekey two 
Kwikset key-in-knob 
cylinders. I used my A-l Quik Pull to 
pull the first cylinder and replaced it 
with a ready-keyed cylinder from 
my stock on the truck. Just a few 
minutes more and Fd be on my way 
to my next job, right? 

I used my A-l Quik-Pull on the 
second cylinder and snapped the 
blade on the tool. I put a new 

blade on the Quik-Pull and tried 
again. The cylinder wouldn't 
budge. I took the knobset off the 
door, pulled the spindle, inserted 
a Kwikset removal tool and bent 
it trying to get the cylinder out. 

I got another tool out and tried 
again. No luck. 

I told the customer that if I 
couldn't get the cylinder out, I 
was going to have to replace the 
knobset. He said that wouldn't be 
a problem and the cylinder 

probably wouldn't come out 
because it "fell" out one day 
when he unlocked it, he tried to 
put it back in and it wouldn't stay. 
He said his son Super-glued the 
cylinder in when he came home 
from school. 

I got a new lock out of the 
truck, keyed it to the new key 
and left. This "simple" job took 
me nearly an hour more than it 
should have because I kept 
"trying" to get the cylinder out 
of the knob. 

Removable Cores: Large, Format 

by William M. Lynk 

"Removable Corns; Large Farmat* is 

packed witfi exploded views, phonos, line arr 
and vqriqiis graphics, which will blow you 
awdyt Why waffy aboul Sara&nr, Kaba, 
Schlage, Carbinftusswin, Medeco or Yak 
again? Gel ihis book ond have an up-ro-dore 
resource a* your fingertips, 

Wirhin Ms- covers are a mylrMude of pictures, 
charts, drawings., eKpbd&d views-, diagram j r 
line arr r clipart, comment, elc. lhal will aid ihe 
reader in understanding and in solving individ 
uol ftC problem? on your job site. 

acs* p^smovsb 



Cores;, Small Format 

by William M. Lynk 

Everything you ever need ro know aboui how to sell, 
service, install and Iroubfeshoof interchangeable cores! 

Chapters include: terminology, blanks, tools, remov- 
ing cores from siubbarn shells, decadingcores, 
pinning, record keeping, installing, planning a system, 
mas.terkeying r biding and pricing and tips For 3UO*$& 

Youll even receive a final eKom to hefp and lesl your 

knowledge! This vqiume contains over 1 40 pages of 

priceless information, designed to make I care work 

quick, easy and profitable! 

—J YES! Send me copies of f Cores: SmaN Format for only £55.00 each. 

■J YES! Send me copies of fiemovobfe tores; large Forma! for only $55.00 each, 

—I YES! Send me copies of bolh J Cores: Smait format AND Remavubk Cores: targe 

format for only $09,00. 

Choose your formal! □ Book □ CD-ROM 

I've enclosed a check or money order far $ 

OR charge my: -I VISA JMo&terCord J Discover J American Express 

Credil Card # Exp. Dale 


Your Name 

Shop Name 

Address I No P.O. Boxes) 

City Sfcrt* Zip 


Moil coupon &. payment Iq: 
The Naiiongl Locksmith • PQ Sox 77-97591 ■ Chicago, It 60678-7592 

April 2004 • 89 

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My tip? Don't waste time trying 
to do something the "normal" way 
if the normal way doesn't work 
the way it's supposed to. After 
several attempts to remove the 
cylinder, I should have realized 
that something was not right and 
offered to replace the lock. As it 
was, I lost money (even with the 
sale of the new Kwikset) . 

Kelly Johnson 
North Carolina 

The first piece to remove is held 
in place with 3 large door panel 
type buttons. Use a panel clip tool 
to pop it out. The next piece of 
material basically just has to be 
peeled back. Once you have an 
opening to the trunk, if you can't 
see the keys, you can reach in with 
a rod and pull the emergency 
release handle to open the trunk. 

Mike Moriarty 


ai or 




Sight for Sore Eyes 

This is for all you that have 
bad eyes and must wear bifocals. 
You have to work up close, but it 
is not possible for you to get your 
head in the right position to see 
through your bifocals. 

Go to your local department or 
drug store and pick up a pair of 
reading glasses. 

They come in different 
strengths and you should be able 
to find one that matches your 
bifocal. Use them and you will be 
able to see with your head in any 
position. Best of all, they are 
inexpensive. Mine only cost $10. 

Carl Findley 
North Carolina 

Editor's Note: Carl, thanks for the tip. If 
you ever forget your "reading" glasses, 
just take your bifocals off, turn them 
upside down, put them on and the 
bifocal part of the lens is in a position for 
you to see straight through it. Of course, 
you have to be careful not to sneeze or 
shake your head too hard, or your 
glasses with go flying! 

Sebring Trunk 
Opening Tip 

The trunk release on a 
Sebring convertible won't 
operate unless the ignition is 
turned on. Here is a way to get in 
that you can keep in your bag of 
tricks. If the top is UP, there are 
just two pieces of a rug type 
material you have to get out of 
the way in order to have an open 
shot into the trunk. 

90 • Visit 



Torx Tip 

Being in the military and 
being used to modifying Uncle 
Sam's expensive toys to get them 
to work properly, I put my 
experience to work when I 
needed a long extension for a 
Torx bit; which I didn't have. 

Illustration 3. 

I modified my T-20 bit with my 
Dremel Tool®. (See illustration 3.) 
I cut a slot in the butt end of the bit 
that was wide enough to accept the 
blade of a flat bladed screwdriver. 

Now I simply insert the bit, 
reach down with my long 
screwdriver and twist. 

This has worked so well for me 
that I have modified all of my 
Torx bits just in case I need them. 

Bruce Home 

Trim Jig Tip 

I have enclosed the 
pictures of a clamp 
that I have redesigned 
to hold the exterior 

Illustration 4. 

trim of an exit device on a door until 
I can secure it with screws. 

If you will notice it is offset so 
that it will work with vertical rod 
or rim devices and you have 
plenty of room to start the 
screws in the head of the device. 
(See illustration 4.) This also 
worked great on the 10 exit 
devices with proximity locks that 
I had to install alone. 

The unit consists of: 

One "Jorgensen" E-Z HOLD II 
bar clamp 23" long. 

One piece of V2" O.D. square 
tubing 36" long. 

Two pieces of 1 V2 M x 1 3 /4 M x 
3/16" flat steel. 

Two extra pads for 
Jorgensen clamps. 

The total length of the clamp 
is 13" the offset is 2 M long and it 
is 4 M deep. 

Illustration 5. 

The tailpiece of these clamps are 
spring steel, so I cut the tailpiece a 
6 M above the bend and welded the 
13" bar to this. (See illustration 5.) 
When welding, just tack the bar, as 
it will need to be bent so that it will 
be square to the door. When it is 
square, finish the welding. 

Al Ernst 
EH Minnesota 

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Are your doors SAGGING? DRAGGING? 

The Hinge Doctor will adjust them in seconds! 
No other tools needed* 

Over 10,000 

"I used mine twice in the last week. It really impressed my 
customers that a "little girl" like myself could repair a big oT 
steel door by myselfi [ never let them see my secret weapon, 
I let them assume that 1 had to take the door down and do all 

sorts of work to it!" -- Me lame Long, Lock Stock & Barrel 

^j*^ HAS model 
fits most residential 
hinges. Fully adjustable. 


www . hingedoc tor . com 

by GKL Products 

(a division of Gold Key 8c Lock Co, LLC) 

Circle 31 9 on Rapid Reply 

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Kaba Access 
Presents Awards 

Roger Wright (left) of 
Wright Sales accepts the 
Outstanding Sales 
Achievement Award for 
Kaba Access Control 
from Rich Lang, Kaba's 
national sales manger. 

Others recognized for 
outstanding achievement 
in representing Kaba 
Access Control were 
Kelaher Associates, 
outstanding Peaks 
performance; Stegweit & 
Co., outstanding 
electronic locks 
performance; Technical 
Sales, outstanding 
Simplex performance; 
and Anthony Deslandes, 
outstanding technical 
sales specialist. The 
awards were presented 
during Kaba Access 
Control's North 
American sales meeting 
in Winston-Salem, NC. 

IAAA to Sponsor 
Security & Systems 
Solutions Expo 

Long Island Alarm 
Association will be a 
premier sponsor of the 
upcoming Security & 
Systems Solutions Expo 
scheduled for June 2 nd 
and 3 rd 2004 at the Jacob 
Javits Convention Center 
in New York. The 
Security & Systems 
Solutions Expo will 
concentrate on 

technology areas such as 
CCTV, electronic access 
control, perimeter 
protection, video systems 
& surveillance, systems 
monitoring, identification 
products and professional 
security services. The 
expo will also host a 
hands-on, full function lab 
environment on the 
exhibit floor. 

OMLA to Host Class 

Oklahoma Master 
Locksmith Association 
will be hosting a class 
taught by Vice President 
Harry Sher called 
"Defense Against 
Methods of Entry." The 
class schedule is for one 
day only on May 1, 2004 
from 8 am to 5 pm at the 
Holiday Inn Select, 5000 
E. Skelly Drive, Tulsa, 
OK. Material covered in 
this class is valuable in 
preparing for 
certification programs. 

For more information 
call Scott Hancock (415) 
557-7422 or email at 
hancocksc@lsb. state, ok. 

High Tech Tools 

High Tech Tools has 
moved. Its new address is 
1628 NW 28 th St., Miami, 
FL 33142. The toll-free 
phone is 800-323-8324; 
local phone is 305-635- 
1011; fax phone is 305- 

Kaba's New 
Sales Reps. 

Kaba Access Control 
is pleased to announce 
that effective January 1, 
2004, J&J Marketing, 
Inc., will represent 
Kaba Access Control 

products in Northern 
California, Northern 
Nevada and Hawaii. 

ELA Hands-Free 
Locking and Anti 
Carjacking System 

The VML.CJK hands- 
free system uses an 
Active Tag THINLIN ID 
that allows fully 
automated person 
identification by a 
SCABTx receiver. Doors 
automatically lock when 
the driver carrying the 
tag moves away from the 
vehicle, and automatically 
unlock when the driver 
approaches the vehicle. 
VML.CJK is fully 
compatible with 
any vehicle's 
original equipment. 

This system is also 
equipped with an anti car- 
jacking feature to prevent 
vehicle theft. If a driver 
carrying an Active Tag is 
forced out of his or her 
car, one of the receiver's 
relay outputs activates a 
security device a few 
minutes after the car has 
moved far enough away 
from the victim. 

Distributing W-LoI( 

Lockmasters, Inc. is 
now the exclusive 
distributor of two GSA 
approved padlocks from 
W-Lok. The W shackle 
padlock included in this 
line is the only such 
model approved by GSA, 
meeting FF-P-2827 for 
Key Operated Padlocks 
in the General Field 
Service. The exclusive 
line available through 
Lockmasters also 

includes a GSA 
approved V2" shackle 
padlock. These products 
are ideal for steel 
security chains, gate 
hasps, cargo closures 
and tie-downs, 
warehouse and shed 
doors and much more. 

For more information 
on these W-Lok products 
and to place an order, 
contact Lockmasters at 
(800) 654-0637 email 
salesinfo@lockmasters. com. 

Kryptonite Adds 
T4ew Director of Sales 

Kryptonite has 
appointed Tim Clifford 
as Director of Sales at 
its Canton, 
headquarters. In the 
newly created position 
of Director of Sales, 
Clifford will work to 
expand Kryptonite's 
presence in retail and 
commercial markets. 
Clifford will lead the 
strategic launch of new, 
creative retail 
promotions, working 
closely with the 
marketing department 
to insure the successful 
execution of these 
programs against 
targeted sales results. 

Prior to Kryptonite, 
Clifford was National 
Account Manager at 
Master Lock Company. In 
his 16 years at the 
security products 
company, Clifford was in 
charge of the national 
drug and office 
superstore accounts. 


92 • Visit 

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1. The Vulcan is a very popular cruiser and there are 
a lot of them on the road. There are no codes 
anywhere on the bike, but it is not difficult to 
originate a key. 

2. The ignition lock is located on the left side in front 
of the engine. It has positions for OFF, ON and P 
(parking lights on, ignition off). Use a 4mm hex key 
to remove the one bolt that holds the lock on. 

3. Remove the two Phillips screws that secure the 
cover to the back of the lock so you can remove the 
cover and switch plate. Then you can take the lock 
to a bench. 

4. One or more of the contacts on the switch plate 
are hot so it is a good idea to place a plastic bag 
over it to prevent it from shorting out. 

Continued on page 104 



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Dave McOmie on 

o tin o«t ^ 



All '"1 





,k- r-rr-:. 

At long last we are pleased to announce Dave MtOmie on 
Lift-Out Round Doors! This newly published book contains 
317 pages (not counting the lengthy introduction), 664 
photographs, and more than 40 r 000 words of text, It covers 
just about every lift-out round door you will ever see, and a 
whole lot more (54 different manufacturers, to be precise). 
Included in the text are drill points, relocker drill points, 
depth to door bolts, door thickness, door diameter and 
many, many tips and tricks. 

! H YES! Send mzB&ve McOmie On Lift-Out Round Doors 

for SI IS. Plui %8 for shipping and handling. 

I Ortfefs must &e paid m 0. S. /imtfs, SZO foreign stripping rate oppfres. 

Select payment Method: 

~l Check "I VISA "I MasterCard n Discover 

"I American Express 1 Money Order 

Order Total 

Card Number 
ftp, Dare 

Signature (required) . 

E-Mail (optional) 

Copy or dip this coupon and Send with payment to: 

The National Locksmith * P.O. Box 7797592 ■ Chicago, Illinois 60G7B-7592 

OR fa* credit card orders to (630) 837-1210 

ft 1 


_ _ _ j 

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ronxinuea rrom page iuu 

5. I marked the rotor and housing with a marking 
pen before I removed the rotor It turned out that it 
wouid only go back on the correct way but it is still a 
good idea. 


7. The stop plate has been removed and you can see 
the retainer on the upper side of the plug. Depress it 
and push the plug out the front while being careful 
to prevent the wafers from falling or springing out 

9. The original key is on the left A code cut KW14R 
with cuts of 443231 works all four locks on the 

6. The rotor has been removed along with the main 
spring and the two detent springs. The two detent 
ball bearings are still in place inside the housing. Use 
some grease to hold them onto the springs when you 
replace the rotor. Now remove the stop plate. 

8. The plug contains six wafer tumblers and a wafer 
retainer. A KW14R blank inserted into the keyway 
shows that the cuts are 443231, which is code 
A1 32344. The letter A designates a KW14R blank 
and the numbers are direct read tip to bow. The 
spring stayed in the end of the plug so I left it there. 

10. The code, A1 32344, is stamped on the original key. 

1 1. The gas cap is located on the right side of the gas 
tank next to the speedometer. It is not a good lock to 
originate a key from because it only contains three 
tumblers but disassembly is shown. Pick it 90 degrees 
clockwise to unlock and open it. This lock picks easily 
but you are picking against spring pressure so have a 
small screwdriver ready to finish turning it. 

Continued on page 106 

fisit www.TheNationalLocksmith. 


from Pr »ce! 

The National Locksmit 

ReKey Wizard Speeds Each Job 


Service Map 

Schedule A lob In Seconds 

Dispatching and Price Quoting Wizard 
(Answer a few questions, and 
Dispatcher writes and quotes the order) 
View Customer address on map feature. 
This feature requires dial-up or other 
internet access. 
Easy service order entry 
Network compatible, no extra charge, 
allows unlimited number of users 
New Backup and Restore Module Only 
restore files that are needed. 

* Message Center 

* Problem Helper system 

* Multiple views from dispatch 

* 1 hour warning and tete alerts 

* Employee callback tracking 

* Customer callback tracking 

* Advertising Tracking 

* Automatically applies correct 
trip charge by zone 

■ Tracks employee travd and 
on-the-job time 

* Scanner support 

* Import / Export Scanner 

* Accounts Receivable Module 

* Point of Sale Module 

* Order Entry Module 

■ Inventory Module 
» Print Bar Codes 

* Purchase Order Module 

* E-Mail 

* Equipment Inventory with image 
support (attach an image to your 
Plus much more! 

REQUIRED: » ISO MHz processor or greater * Windows 95J3SSMEJ2:O0O/XF * 40 MB hard disk space - 32 MB RAM * CD Drive » Mouse 
pointing device. REQUIRED FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE: * 600 MHx processor or greater * Windows &3/ME/2O0O/XR » 100 Mfl hard 
disk space * £4 MB RAM * CD Drive * Mouse pointing device. 

H YES! Send me Dispatcher 2004 for 5749 

Plus %S for shipping and handling. 

Ordcti mitit |V ;;.i.'.:r >ti \J S ri. .:S,. $2Q /.:.■ . ,-i;y; ihippirtg «ft* applfcl 

Select payment Method: 

1 Check H VISA 1 MasterCard "I Discover 

-3 American Express "1 Money Order 

Order Total 

Card Number 

Exp. Date. 

Signature (required) . 


Shop Name. 

Address (no P.O. boxes) _ 





E-Mail (optional) 

Copy of dip this coupon and se^d with payment to; 

The National Locksmith ■ P.O. Box 77-97592 ■ Chicago, Illinois 6067S-7592 

OR fax credit card orders to (630} 837-1 21 


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Key Kop II Locking Shackles 

5 Sizes of Shackle 

4 Sizes of Cable 

Tubular, Duo, Medeco 

Key Kqp I ||il\ 

Locking Cable ffilp^ 

Coin or Token Operated 
Rest room Locks 

For Service Stations 

Laundromats, Stores, Etc 

Heavy Duty 

Security Guards 

for Washers 

& Dryers 

Full Meter Case 



Smaller Coin Box 

Guards with 



Products for 

Coin Laundry 


- St 7 

Two Piece Extended 
Tubular Key Blanks 

Fits All Tubular Key Cutters 



www. mona re hcoi n . com 
Covington, Kentucky 


PH: (859)261-4421 

FX: (159) 261-7403 

12. Stuff a clean rag into the filler neck so nothing can 
drop into the gas tank. Remove the two Phillips screws 
from the mounting bracket and you can take the gas 
cap assemble to a bench. Watch the rubber gasket on 
the mounting bracket; it can easily fall out. 

13. Remove the two Phillips screws and remove the 
lock bolt housing. 

14. Remove the round plate and the sealing gasket 
with compression ring. Put some grease on the 
round plate and install it in the lock bolt housing 
before reassembly. The grease will hold it in place 

Continued on page 108 

106 • The National Locksmith Circle 340 on Rapid R 

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Isn't It About Time??? 

Quality. Durability. 


Service After The Sale. 

Count On Framon. 

We've been producing quality key machines since 1971. Wc 
know the business, and how to build a quality product. Take 
our #2 Code Machine for example — everything you need is 
supplied at time of purchase. We promise we won*t keep dig- 
ging in your pocket every year for more money. When new 
information comes out, visit our website & gel it Tor free. 
Cutting a key by code? Shouldn't the key match up to the fac- 
tory specifications instead of being "in the ballpark*'? With 
one hid [-thousandth tic curacy (.0005") in depth, the key you 
cut will be on the money. Send your customer away knowing 
he won't be back heciiusc the key doesn't work. If you're 
looking for a key machine, make us your first calLyou won't 
be sorry later. 

Visit Framon on the web at 

www, framon xom — it's the on-line resource 

for Framon owners. Free updated depth & 

space information, key cutting tips, and our 

entire line of key machines, software, and 

locksmith tools. Stop by today! 

All Framon products are sold through our distributors. 

Still Not Sure? How About A Few 
Words From Our Customers,.. 

"1 love your machine, working 
the rough roads in Alaska 1 never 
worry about the keys I generate. 
The machine is a blessing. It's so 
easy sometimes 111 decode a key 
and cut it by code on the #2 just 
so my customer gets a perfect 
key. Takes only seconds to do. 
Thanks for building such a great 

"I recently purchased a used Framon «/2. 1 1 was not functioning properly when [ got it, 
so I sent ic in to Framon For repair. 1 e-mailed Framon to ask about servicing, and they 
responded in a quick and helpful mariner each time. 

The dsiy it arrived ai Framon (I tracked it), they called me from the repairs depfirtmeni. 
He was courteous and pointed out a few things that I was unaware of. He (old me thai 
he would ship ii oul ihc very same day, He even took the time to answer my I i mil less 
questions, about it, 

I am utterly impressed with this level of service. Their website mentioned a two-day 
turnaround lime for repairs, but I didn't fully believe it. It is a greal experience to actu- 
ally find a company that lives up to their word/' 

Merlin Young 

chuck jones, Wasiib, Alaska Make Us Your First Call For Key Machines! 

"1 have to say that J-ramon really does 
have the best customer service out there. 
You add thai lo a machine thai lasts a 
lifetime and does all you need in the 
code dept and you just can' l go wTong 
buying a Framon. If s a pleasure to deal 
with someone who treats you like Ehey 
appreciate your business." 

George Henderson 

Demonstration video available. Call or &■ 
mail for details. 

Framon Manufacturing 

Company, inc. 
909 Washington Ave. 

Alpena, MI 49707 

Phone: (989) 354-5623 

Fax: (989) 354-4238 



Circle 316 on Rapid Reply 

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15. Remove the 5 compression springs and then 
remove the outer tailpiece with the smaii bushing on 
it Then remove the inner taiipiece with the O-ring 
on it. 

16. Now you can see the retainer on the lower side 
of the plug. Depress it and push the plug out the 
front while being careful not to allow any wafers to 
spring or fall out. 

1 7. The plug contains wafer tumblers in spaces 4-6 
and the retaining wafer. A blank inserted into the 
keyway shows the cuts are 231. You cannot use 
software to aid in finding the missing cuts because 
the codes are direct read. You would need to 
progression 2-3 in the steering lock and then 
progression the 1st space in the ignition lock. The 
key is tip-stopped in the gas cap. 

18. The steering lock is located on the right side 
where the steering shaft passes through the frame. 
It is shown with the dust cover closed. 

19. The steering lock is tricky to work. It 
is common for the owners of motorcycles 
that have this type of lock to tell you that 
it does not work when it actually does. 
You need to turn the steering all the way 
to the left or right and then turn it back 
slightly so the bolt on the back of the lock 
will align with the slot in the steering 
shaft. Turn the lock about 45 degrees 
counterclockwise and push it in. You may 
need to slowly move the steering back 
and forth until the lock will push in all of 
the way. Then, turn it back to the locked 
position and the steering is locked. When 
you unlock it, you may need to wiggle the 
steering to unbind the bolt so it will 
spring back out. 

Continued on page 110 


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Stand Alone Battery Lock 









An ASS A ABLOY Group company 


Circle 348 on Rapid Reply 

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'ontinuea from page los 

20. To remove the steering lock you need to pry off 
the dust coven The pin that holds it on is pressure fit 
and you can pry it out with a screwdriver 




21. With the cover removed the lock will slide right 
out if it is unlocked. I picked it 45 degrees 
counterclockwise without too much trouble. 
Unlocking it aligns the locking pin with the pin 
chamber housing. 

22. The steering lock has been removed and 
returned to the locked position. The spring on the 
back of the lock stayed on so I left it there. The lock 
contains five wafer tumblers in spaces 1-5. 

L^H BP_i 


A Jm 

f ^^sl 

^^ v5y 


Hf i 

23. A blank inserted into the keyway shows that the 
cuts in the first five spaces are 44323. Progression the 
6th space in the ignition lock to obtain a working key. 

4V L^^^^^^s 


24. After replacing the lock, use a hammer to drive 
in the dust cover pin. 

25. There are two helmet locks on this motorcycle. 
They are located on both sides of the rear fender. I had 
to remove the saddlebag to gain access to this one. 

Continued on page 1 12 


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away a no 
or Lexus transponder key job 

Transponder Innovations has real solutions for your transponder 
programming needs. Unlike other programmers, the Bluechip-Pro covers 
ALL Toyota & Lexus vehicles and select Honda and Acura vehicles. 

No removing chips, no messy soldering jobs. 

Just real solutions to real problems 


Services Include 



on ECU 

rep rog ramming 


pre programmed 


keys and 

associated files 

Toyota, Lexus, 

Honda and Acura 

Factory remote 

& non- remote 
keys available 
for all vehicles 

accessories for 

Software and keys 

ECU Reprogramming 


199 S- 04 

ES 300 
GS 400 

US 400 
IS 300 



4 Runner 



High Sander 






Immobilizer Control Unit 





GX 470 

_S 430 
SC 430 

RX330 (Japanese) 
RX330 [Canadian) 










Camry V6 

Land cruiser 

Hon da/ Acura 


RL 3.5 

Transponder ■■■ 
^^ Innovations 
N^ si 



Circle 351 on Rapid Reply 

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'ontinuea from page no 

26. 1 easily picked the heimet lock 45 degrees 
clockwise. Now remove the Phillips screw and you 
can take the lock to a bench. 

28. There is a detent ball bearing on top of the detent 
spring. Be careful and do not lose it. The helmet lock 
contains four wafer tumblers in spaces 2-5. 

29. A key blank inserted into the keyway shows the 
cuts for spaces 2-5 are 4323. You can progression 
the 1st space in the helmet lock and then 
progression the 6th space in the ignition lock to 
obtain a working key. 

fisit www.TheNationalLocksmi 

27. Remove the two tiny Phillips screws so you can 
remove the retaining plate and push the plug out the 
front. Be careful and do not allow any wafers to fall 
or spring out. The raised area between the screws is 
the tip stop for the key. 

These codes are direct read tip to bow: 

Codes: A1111H-A444444 use llco: KW14R, Curtis: KA17, Silca: KW14R 

Codes: B1111H-B444444 use llco: KW14, Curtis: KA18, Silca: KW14 

Spacing: 1 = 315, 2=413, 3=512, 4= 610, 5=709, 6= 807 

Depths: 1 = 295, 2=276, 3=256, 4=236 

Card Number: CMC51 

DSD Number: 421 

ITL Number: 260 

Curtis: KA-1 Cam & KA-1D Carriage 

Tumbler Locations: 12 3 4 5 6 

Gas Cap: 




Ignition: 1-6 
Gas: 4-6 
Steering: 1-5 
Helmet: 2-5 


Ask Dave 



Dave McDmle 

oj asked. He 
answered. This is safe 

and vault Q & A with an 
attitude. The material has 
breadth and depth, cover- 
ing vault doors, round 
^ doors, square doors, fire 
tjbl safes, antique safes. 
Grasshopper safes, 
Salamander safes, elec- 
tronic safes, dial removal techniques, drilling meth- 
ods, scopes, tools and jusl about 
anything else you ever want- 
ed to know but were afraid 
lo ask. This book is destined to 
be a cult classic. Order yours today? 

Taking Industry Products fa 

Ford Lack 
Pawl Kit 


by Auto Security 



From time to time I am sure all 
of us have broken, or lost a pawl 
for the door of a Ford vehicle. It 
isn't hard to do because as often as 
not, we do not have to take the 
inside panel off to get the lock out. 
Instead, we just remove the 
retainer and slip the lock out far 
enough to get it off the pawl and 
do our thing. In the cold the pawls 
get harder and are more likely to 
snap, like it sometimes does in 
northern climates like mine. 

Even if you think you have the 
best and most common pawls in 
stock, it seems like the one most 
likely to break is not the one you 
have, but the opposite of it or 
maybe a less common one than 
you stock. Second-guessing the 
parts we need is an occupational 
hazard we all engage in if we are 
locksmiths. Often we are wrong. 


Auto Security Products (ASP) 
heard the need and has given us 
an assortment of pawls second to 
none for Ford vehicles. Well 
known for auto locks and kits, ASP 
has included pawls for the old style 
10-cut as well as the new style 10- 
cut locks and has added pawls that 
are often hard to find. Included are 



DESCRIPTION: A FDrd MDtDr Company lock 
pawl assortment containing 35 different pawls 
for a wide range of vehicles. 

PRICE: Suggested retail of $39.95 

COMMENTS: A kit that fills the need to have a 
wide variety of pawls at your ready disposal. 
You need this kit. 

TEST DRIVE RESULTS: The first time I needed 
a pawl due to breaking one I was working with, I 
found the pawl guickly in this kit and the time 
saved on this one job more than paid for the 
price of the complete kit. 

• V 

pawls for Escort, Villager, Quest, 
T-Bird, Crown Victoria, Econoline 
Vans and Ford Trucks, as well as 
some more universal pawls and 
locking rod fasteners. 

The nice thing about this 
assortment is that many of the 
various pawls can be reordered 
individually by number, and the 
numbers are printed right on the 
locator sheet. For the most part, 
ASP has included just one of each 
of the pawls, but, the more 
common ones like locking rod 
fasteners have two of each. In fact, 
there are so many different pawls 
included that the kit contains two 
boxes of 18 styles each. The 
number for the kit is A-42-301. 


The kit contains a wide 
assortment of pawls out of 
necessity. How can you be sure 
you are using the correct pawl for 
your application? ASP has taken 
care of that concern as well. They 
have listed the application for each 
part on the cover of the box. Some 
of the applications are even 
complete with the year that they 
apply if they are a specialized part. 
An example of that is the 1996 
T-Bird door pawls, numbers P-42- 
319 and P-42-320. Others will show 


a range of years for the application, 
such as the Ford Escort locking 
rod fastener for years 1991-95. 

If further help is needed, 
contact ASP. They are very 
knowledgeable and willing to help 
you get the correct part. 

Price: The ASP suggested retail 
price for the A-42-301 is $39.95. 


ASP has put together a fine 
assortment of parts for Ford Motor 
vehicles and this is a kit you need 
to have in your assortment if you 
work on Ford vehicles. The quality 
of the product is good and the 
applications are varied. 

The value of the parts far exceed 
the price of the kit since the parts 
range in retail price from $2.50 to 
over $5.00 each, and the kit contains 
40 pieces. The kit is available from 
many locksmith wholesalers or you 
can contact ASP at: 

Auto-Security Products 

PO Box 10 

Redmond, WA 98073 

Phone #: 425-556-1900 

Fax #: 425-558-1205 




118 • 

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" Built dfi more char 40 years oF pushbutton lock experience, the new E-Ple 

of use w tn the added 

L> I L ^mw\ 5000 is strong, durable and reliable - combining ease of use with the added 
security of electronic access control. The E-Pfex 5000 accepts 1 00 access codes and records 3.000 
audit events, including key override usage. The lock is easy to install and does not require wiring 
through the door. Locks are quickly programmed wkh the lock's pushbuttons or managed with 
optional Microsoft * Excel based software as your user group grows. Contact Kaba today to find out 
how powering up with E-Piex can put you in command of access contnol. 








Circle 326 on Rapid Reply 

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For Pro£ 


.261 B.C 

.26 -B.O 

The Worlds Most Advanced 
Pinning Systems 

Lock Tumbrer Pins, Repinning Kits, Security Tools 

700 Emmett St., Briitol CT 06010 U.S.A. 1-800-243-3242 FAX 1 -860-58 J-7SJB 
Website: E-Mail: [abpinsi-i' 

Circle 331 on Rapid Reply